Orthognathic or jaw surgery is a type of surgery that helps in fixing irregularities of the jawbones. It helps in realigning the teeth and the jaw to improve the way they perform. Once these corrections are made, it will also improve the facial appearance of an individual. When you are suffering from an issue with your jaw, opting for jaw surgery will be the best option for you. On, certain occasions many individuals have braces on their teeth during the time of surgery. The braces should still be on during the time of recovery from the surgery until it is completely healed and aligned. If you are interested to opt for this very surgery, you can join hands with one of the reputed plastic surgery clinics in South Korea.
Why takes this surgery?
The surgery should be opted by individuals when the growth stops. Females can opt for it around the age of 14 to 16 years, and males should look up to the surgery when they age between 17 to 21. However, Korean jaw surgery opts for a countless number of reasons and some of them are provided below. They are
  • Makes chewing and biting easier to perform and improves the overall chewing.
  • It helps in correcting issues with speech and swallowing.
  • Reduces the excessive wear and breakdown of the teeth.
  • Corrects the facial imbalance like overbites, underbites, crossbites, and small chins.
  • Provides relief from pain through temporomandibular joint and other jaw issues.
  • It helps in providing relief from pain by obstructing sleep apnea.
  • Repairs facial injury or other birth defects.
The above-mentioned reasons are some of them and please must have a proper discussion with your surgeon before making the final call. The surgeon will provide you with all the important information on Korean jaw surgery so that you are well-aware of the surgery and the procedure that is performed.
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The risks and complications of jaw surgery
Just like all types of surgeries have risks and complications, jaw surgery also has quite a few of them. Jaw surgery can lead to excessive bleeding, as the incision is made inside the mouth and proper dressing cannot be performed. Many of the patients complain of discomfort and swelling, which a common issue that is experienced after jaw surgery. Jaw surgery is currently provided by the reputed Korean Plastic Surgery Clinic and it is highly requested that you choose a surgeon who has experience in the area of jaw surgery.
Allow the best clinic to provide you with a good jaw surgery
Jaw surgery can help you achieve your desired look or change the appearance of your jaw. If you are thinking of getting one, look up the leading plastic surgery clinic. They will provide you with a service that will exceed your expectations.