Silicone Water Repellent mainly includes leather waterproofing agent, textile waterproofing agent and webbing waterproofing agent.
The leather waterproofing agent is milky white and transparent, easily soluble in water, and does not change the breathability and feel of the cloth and leather. It has excellent washability and can be conveniently used as an additive. It can be dried after soaking or spraying.
Textile waterproofing agent and webbing waterproofing agent are suitable for pure cotton fabrics without damaging the original hand feeling of cotton and the original dyeing and rubbing fastness of the fabric. It has excellent mechanical and chemical stability and is safe to use.

Waterproofing agents can be widely used for waterproofing of floors, roofs, walls, floors, walls, basements, bathrooms, underground passages, kitchens, pools, paints, etc., as well as leather and textile waterproofing.

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