Microsoft Edge is one of the most popular and commonly used web browsers developed by a well-known company named Microsoft. It is the best web browser that is used by millions of people all over the world. Edge provides you with the best search results and enables you to have a great web surfing experience. Whenever you search for any website or webpage on any browser, all of your data gets stored in its history. And if you want, you can delete the web history and cache on any web browser at any time. Well, here, we are going to focus on the Microsoft Edge browser. If you have just started using the new Microsoft Edge browser on your Windows or Mac computer and want to delete the search history, but don’t know how to do so, then now you are in the right place.

There can be many users who might not know how to delete the browsing history on the new Microsoft Edge. If you are also one of those users, then now, here is your solution. This following article will let you know the ways through which you can be able to delete the browsing history on the new Microsoft Edge. And for that, we have mentioned the complete procedure in this report. You will have to read this full article to get the methods.

The Method to Clear the Browsing History on New Microsoft Edge

It is always best to delete the web browsing history to protect your privacy. Or you can also use the Incognito mode on the Edge as this way the browsing data gets automatically deleted after exiting the browser. And if you are using the browser in the normal mode, then also you can quickly delete the search history. The technique mentioned in this article will help you to do so. The method is pretty simple and easy, and you will be able to complete the task within a very short time. So, now, let’s get to the instructions to proceed further. Here’s what you need to do:

The Steps to Clear the Browsing History on the New Microsoft Edge

Please go through the below-mentioned instructions to proceed with the method.

  • To get started with the procedure, first of all, you need to make sure that the sync is turned off. This way, all the synced items will be deleted across all the synced devices.
  • Now, open the Microsoft Edge browser on your Mac or Windows computer.
  • And now, go to the three-dotted icon that you will see at the top-right corner of your screen.
  • When you click on the icon, a drop-down menu will appear on your screen. Click on the ‘Settings” option from the menu.
  • On the Settings screen, select the option of “Privacy, Search, and Services”.
  • Now, go to the right side menu and look for the “Clear Browsing Data’ option and click on it.
  • On the Clear Browsing Data window, select the items that you want to remove from history.
  • Go to the time-range drop-down menu and select the time range.
  • Finally, finish the process by clicking on the “Clear Now” option.

So, you see, this is how anyone can clear the browsing history on the new Microsoft Edge browser on their Windows and Mac computer. If you are also using this browser, then you can try these steps to clear your browsing data. And for getting more information like this, please visit our website.

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