On an afternoon in late July, Clint Oldenburg sits in his parked car, stares into his phone and delivers the honest truth about ."We don't want Dwight Gooden Jersey to have to sell it ourselves," Oldenburg, gameplay producer for EA Sports' series, says during a Zoom call with me. "We want our players to sell it."The newest annual iteration of the series is often accompanied by a marketing push, boosted by the allure of another real-world NFL season on the horizon. Nolan Ryan Jersey But even the largest promotional campaign in history wouldn't be able to generate the kind of organic buzz Oldenburg hopes will build around this year's Jeurys Familia Jersey edition of the long-running, oft-criticized title."We want the players that played the game and get the earliest copies of the game to tell all of their friends, 'I love this game. You have to get it because I Keith Hernandez Jersey want to play it with you,' " Oldenburg said. "Ultimately, that's the biggest compliment we can get: players telling other people, 'You have got to Tug McGraw Jersey get this game.' "When is , the game-playing world will get to render its judgment. Before that happens, I dove into the state of this venerable series -- and the steps producers took to make radical changes to the latest edition.