What Are The Pregnancy Rules for Ryanair?

Ryanair always takes care of their passenger who is traveling with this airline. In addition, the old, pregnant, child, infant, or more types of passengers can easily travel with this airline. However, you are a pregnant woman who wants to fly with Ryanair, but before traveling, you want to know about Ryanair pregnancy priority. So, in this article, you will get the pregnancy rules at Ryanair, which will help you travel and pursue it.

  • Ryanair strongly recommends that all pregnant women consult with their doctor prior to booking and taking any flights. 

  • All pregnant passengers must provide a medical certificate from their doctor confirming the estimated delivery date and that the passenger is fit to travel. 

  • All pregnant passengers are required to notify Ryanair of their pregnancy at least 48 hours before the flight departure. 

  • Pregnant passengers will not be permitted to travel after the 36th week of pregnancy.

  • Ryanair will not be liable for any costs incurred related to medical care or any other additional costs associated with a pregnancy-related issue or delay. 

  • Pregnant passengers may be asked to provide additional documentation at check-in to confirm the estimated delivery date. 

  • Pregnant passengers may be asked to provide a written statement from their doctor confirming that the passenger is fit to travel and is not expected to give birth during flight.

  • Pregnant passengers are advised to bring any necessary medication, snacks, and other items that may be required during the flight.

Furthermore information, you can also call Ryanair phone number +1(802) 209-2600and by speaking with the support person to sort out all kinds of issues quickly.