Gazebos in NZ are generally considered a poolside entertainment feature since they instantly elevate the aesthetics of any outdoor leisure area. But, that’s not the only use of gazebos. Interestingly, gazebos can serve a wide variety of purposes, ranging from camping to weddings. 

So, if you have recently bought a new gazebo or thinking about purchasing one, here are a few ways you can make use of your pavilion. Learning the varied uses of gazebos will help you realize if your investment is worth it. 

Uses of Gazebos 

        Backyard Party: A gazebo can serve as a great shelter for garden or backyard parties, particularly during the summer months. Moreover, they come in so many different designs that you are sure to get one suiting your space availability and style preference. They can create a perfect outdoor seating space for cozy evening parties or daytime BBQs. 

        Camping: A gazebo can be an ideal companion for camping and hiking trips, especially in NZ. That’s mainly because a gazebo can let you sit outside your tent and look at nature at its best without exposure to harsh weather elements. By putting up one of the best gazebos in NZ, you can stay protected even in the most adverse weather conditions. 

        Outdoor Dining: Want to have a romantic dinner outdoors? Consider putting up a gazebo since it will protect you from all weather elements. Gazebos, even the pop-up ones, are generally built with waterproof and breathable materials. Thus, they make a good shelter for all the al fresco dinner parties, offering shelter from the sun in summer and moisture from rain or snow in winter. 

        Playhouse: Gazebos can be a piece of outdoor entertainment feature for kids too. They can be a great place for the kids to have fun with their friends. A little decor, some books, some toys, a table, a chair, and some lights - that’s all a gazebo would need to get your kids out of the house and enjoy an outdoor entertainment area. Not only that but it will also allow kids to enjoy fresh air no matter what the weather is. 

Are gazebos better than camp tents? 

The purpose of using a gazebo is the ultimate deciding factor for whether gazebos are better than camp tents in NZ or not. If you plan to enjoy the serenity of nature during your camp trip, a gazebo can be an asset for you. On the contrary, if you plan to stay confined to your tent throughout your camping or hiking trip, a gazebo might not be a worthy investment for you. 

Gazebos are better than camp tents when you want to enjoy the outdoors, yet stay protected from harsh weather elements. Gazebos are a must-have camping essential, especially, when you want to watch the rain, enjoy the beautiful breeze, soak in the sounds of nature, and still stay dry & warm. 

How are gazebos better than camp tents? 

        More Spacious: Gazebos come in varied sizes and each size guarantees to offer some extra space outside the camping van or tent. This extra space can prove to be extremely beneficial if the weather takes a sudden turn. In events of unexpected rainfall or snowfall, you don’t have to stay cooped up in your tent if you have a gazebo. 

        Multi-purpose Use: Gazebos are not just meant to offer protection from the sun or rain, they are also meant to be used as a space to relax. You can simply put up chairs and spend quality time with your friends or family when not in the mood to explore the area around your campsite. All in all, a gazebo is a perfect place to organize games for kids or dine out with loved ones. 

        More Versatile: Gazebos are a step above camp tents in NZ due to their adaptability. They offer enhanced ventilation along with more space to sleep and store camping gear. They can also be decked up to a glamorous dining area if you want to add some extra charm and entertainment to your camping trip. 

What to look for when purchasing a camping gazebo? 

        Durable Frame: Ensure to buy a camping gazebo that comes with a lightweight and durable frame. Because a gazebo frame made from resilient materials like aluminum continues to perform for years without breaking or rusting. 

        Sturdy Fabric: Always consider buying camping gazebos made from sturdy, long-lasting, and waterproof materials. Gazebo covers made out of durable materials offer better protection from weather elements. 

        Easy to Assemble: Your camping gazebo should do exactly what it says - ready to use within minutes. Ensure to buy a gazebo that can be easily assembled and dissembled without the requirement of tools, spare parts, or expertise. 

Final Words 

Hopefully, this article helped you learn a lot about gazebos. Now, if you have already considered buying a gazebo for your next venturesome trip, Dwights can help! They sell a multitude range of quality camping gazebos in NZ. You may check out their website to choose one suiting your style preference, budget, and usage purpose.