Dungeons and Dragons have a lot to be excited about these days. There is the Baldur’s Gate 3 that has got the gaming fans thrilled and then there are the reports of a movie reboot that might be coming in the next few years. So, the Dungeons and Dragons fans have a lot to be enthusiastic about, its characters and stories have been a constant source of content for various media. The protagonists are unique and exciting, but it is the monster that makes it much more intriguing. Dungeons Masters have numerous books and guides that are only devoted to monsters. Now an exciting thought experiment will be to see which one would you be according to the Chinese Zodiac sign. 

Mimic – Rat

A unique amalgamation of intelligence, creativity, and avarice makes Rat the obvious sign of the intelligent mimic. There is hardly any other monster that can compete with it when it comes to intelligence. In Dungeon & Dragons, it is without a doubt the cleverest monster, that can also be manipulative at times. What is intriguing about it is the fact that it can even communicate with adventurers and also negotiate well if the situation demands.  

 Cloud Giant – Tiger

Cloud Giants are well known to remain aloof and isolated, which is something that makes them quite like the Tigers. Their society has a strange hierarchy as it takes into account how much a Giant can give away as gifts and how much wealth they have. The Cloud Giants of the D&D universe prefer to surround themself good clothing, friends and splendor in every little thing.

 Githyanki – Dragons

Githyanki has the unique ability to navigate the Astral Plane, something that is extremely difficult to do, which makes them just as good as the supernatural Dragons who are probably the only other creature who could confidently navigate through it. The Dragon in the Chinese Zodiac sign is known to be a fearless fighter which is something they have in common with the Githyanki. 

 Stone Giant – Rabbit

Rabbit people, according to Chinese Zodiac sign, are relatively peaceful and intelligent. They detest violence and aspire to live peacefully no matter how much others might try to arouse them. The Stone Giant are quite similar to them in every way since they too hate violence and make sure that they have a healthy relationship with their neighbors. It would be wrong to assume from their size that they might not be smart enough because despite being a Giant, they somehow are just as intelligent as other characters.

Mind Flayer – Snake

Mind Flayers are well known for their deception and duplicitous nature. They are capable of manipulating other races to benefit themselves, something that they have in common with a snake person. Just like a Mind Flayer would never waste an opportunity to take away material possession for themselves, a snake person too is all about greed and avarice. 

 Kobold – Dog

The Kobold race is bound to be subservient to some other higher entity which is mostly a demon or a dragon. Similarly, a Dog person, apart from being intelligent and friendly, is also known to have an intense devotion irrespective of whether the master is good or bad. Kobolds are loyal to the point that they can even sacrifice their life for their masters. But without anyone to serve, they are quite like stray dogs; however, they are smart enough to survive and feed themselves. 

 Umber Hulk – Pig

Just like a pig, the Umber Hulk are often thought of as stupid and unintelligent. However, these misconceptions are wrong as they are excellent in using their intuition and always have some plan in their minds to surprise their adversaries. There are also typical characteristics of living in mud and eating everything in sight that is often associated with pigs; however, there is little connection between these general stereotypes and the Chinese Zodiac Sign. 

Yuan-Ti – Sheep

Yuan-Ti use manipulation and diplomacy to achieve what they want since they can’t count on their powers to suppress their enemies. This description, however, is quite similar to that of a smart sheep. The ability of Yuan-Ti to get what they wish despite being weak makes them just like an intelligent sheep who uses others to get what they want.

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