A cybersecurity is defined as a protection of internet system involving hardware's, software, and other computer networks. Security of consumer’s data is one of the major challenges in this modern generation because hackers use complex malicious software to block the user’s mobile networks. The main aim of this research essay is to understand the concept of cyber security and analysis limitation of the cyber security system




There are main three aspects of cyber security such as people, process, and technology. Processes are the main key factors to implement an effective cyber security and most of the organizations used this type of strategy to reduce cyber threats and attacks. This essay is explaining the concept of cyber security, key factors that influence security threats and risks, and limitations of cyber security. 


Cyber security plays a significant role in the field of computer networks because most organizations collects and process a large amount of data on computers and other peripheral devices. an organization transmit data and relevant information from one location to another by using wireless networks and hackers use malware software to 

hack all personal information of any user. In the year 2016 around 2 million people have faced the problem of cyber-attack in which attackers produce a large number of traffic signals and transferred to the consumer personal accounts (Abomhara, & Køien, 2015). 

There are various elements of cyber security, for example, network security, application security, endpoint security, data security, cloud security, and mobile security. The major challenge faced by the cyber security addresses the security related threats and vulnerabilities. Most organizations and communities focus on their personal

details and they adopted advanced computer networks and devices to protect data from attackers. According to recent survey it is identified that lack of security is very common problem because consumers use unauthentic servers and websites which are developed by the hackers (Baig, et al., 2017) Cybersecurity is one of the most important methods 

to protect human private data and it has the ability to detect the cyber threats and issues. Most of the information was hacked during the sharing process because hackers detect the location of the user by using botnet and flooding process. For which information and communication technology developed advanced protection systems such as one-time password, cryptography, and encryption techniques. There are many authors researched on this topic and they identified that people and employees use unauthentic websites and they use simple passwords which can be easily detected by attackers. There are main three security threats occur in the computer networks such as denial of service attack, malicious attack and ransomware. Bertino, (2016) described a onetime password technique to protect the human personal details which are a part of cyber security. In which a pin number are transferred to the users registered mobile numbers which are used only one time and it is observed that this technique can reduce the issue of hacking or data breaching.  Every transaction a new pin number produced by computer algorithm and users 

receive new password every time that improve the security of data. Malware attack is very common cyber threats which occur due to lack of security and hackers attacks on the user’s computer networks. In which hacker generate a complex algorithm and after that, they identify the IP address of the user peripheral device. Generally, they block the 

computer devices and encrypt the user’s personal information after that they demand money to restore back their details. In the year 2013, the European Union developed a cyber security strategy that is an open safe and secure cyberspace. This strategy reduces the cybercrimes and other security-related issues and it is studied that 

consumers use third-party application which are developed by malicious software that records the private information of consumers (Boulos, Sargolzaei, Ziaei, & Sargolzaei, 2016).

The cyber security or information security is a kind of process that protects user’s peripheral devices such as mobile phones, computer system and networks. Today many organization use information security system that protects employees personal details and it also identifies the threats and issues faced by the cyber security. There are

main two technologies used in cyber security such as authentication, and cryptography. The network security is used to protect the computer networks from malware attacks.