Recently, children like black pork chops. Every time they go to the supermarket, they will bring back a few pieces. At first, I fried pork chops in a pan. The pork chops are more oily, and the fried fat will inevitably be wrapped in the meat, so the children are also complaining about the fried being too greasy. Today, I tried using a Toshiba air frying pan. Most of the fat leaked from the frying basket to the bottom, and the surrounding was roasted to a slightly burnt color. The meat inside was tender, but it was not greasy, so it was delicious


Black pork is fine and nutritious. The content of unsaturated fatty acid in muscle is 8.87%, especially linolenic acid can protect the liver, improve the immune ability of the human body, delay the aging of the body and cells, and have high nutritional value and health care effects on the human body.


Materials of Toshiba pork chops in air fryer

2 pieces of black pork

1 piece of tomato

A small amount of ketchup


Toshiba pork chops in air fryer steps

1. I bought pickled and packaged pork chops.

2. Unfreeze in advance and remove the package.

3. Put it into the air fryer.

4. The temperature is 200 ℃ and the time is 10 minutes.

5. When the time comes, the pork chops have been scorched around.

6. The grease leaked from the frying basket to the bottom.

7. Decorate with tomatoes and ketchup.

8. Finished product drawing.