Several psychological and physical factors contribute to weak erection in men. One of the major reasons which don’t allow men to get hard in bed is their addiction to cigarette smoking.

Cigarette smoking not only impacts the sex lives of men but can also reduce the size of the male organ. Nicotine damages blood vessels and arteries and hinders the flow of blood to the male organ for a healthy erection. Studies have demonstrated that smokers are more likely to suffer from damaged sperm than non-smokers. Men suffering from weak erection often feel sad, frustrated and suffer from loss of confidence and low self- esteem.

WHO has warned smokers about the harmful effects of smoking.Males who smoke; expose themselves to several health complications such as pulmonary and cardiovascular disease? The chemicals emanating from the cigarette also harms kidney, brains and other tissues throughout the body. We will go through some helpful tips which can enable a male to give up smoking.


Tips that will augment your decision to quit smoking

  • Select a probable date to give up smoking
  • Dispose of all items related to smoking from your surroundings
  • Get in touch with a doctor for medications that can assist you to give up this bad habit
  • Stay away from people, places and events associated with smoking.
  • Exercise daily
  • Keep in mind the harmful consequences of cigarette smoking and the benefits of stopping this bad habit.
  • Engage yourself in some productive activity
  • Take all your family, friends and relatives into confidence and inform them of your decision to stop smoking and seek their help and guidance.

The urge to indulge in that bad habit will definitely cross your mind. Have the courage and the willpower to say NO to that urge, again and again.

Immediate benefits of Cigarette smoking

  • Normal BP will be restored.
  • The level of oxygen in the blood will get improved
  • The sense of smell will get restored
  • Blood circulation will improve
  • Level of nicotine in the blood will decrease


Your body may suffer from some transient effects when you decide to give up smoking. It happens because you are denying your body all the harmful elements of cigarette. One should not pay enough attention to all these mild effects because they fade away within 5 days. Some of these common side effects are -- sleeplessness, low blood sugar, annoyance, headache, additional weight, tiredness and cough.

Thus, there is not an iota of doubt that smoking has an adverse effect on the quality of the erection. Quitting this bad habit will enable the smokers to overcome the challenges of weak erection. Regular exercise, a healthy lifestyle, having a balanced diet, minimizing stress and saying no to smoke and alcohol will prevent a male from getting soft in his shorts.

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