The title of the song can also relate to RuneScape gold my personality. I often times have to travel a very long distance to get a sought after resource, such as runite or other ores. But even while questing I made to traverse around Runescape. The song also appears to be unlocked in my favorite spot in all of Runescape, Burgh p Rott. Since I am the starter of the subject, I can't really comment on what the above poster's theme song is and why!

Did you know that"RuneScape" is among the best five phrases searched for on YouTube? Therefore, we want to check into the hottest films made by the many RuneScape film boffins out there. They're so great, in actuality, that we have teamed up with one of RuneScape's most gifted machinima (films made out of game engines) masterminds, TehNoobShow, to launch a competition to seek out the many entertaining player-made RuneScape video referred to humankind. The rules are simple: create a first movie brief (about two minutes) that's both entertaining and creative, in the RuneScape game.

Those five videos will feature in a RuneScape weekly poll

The competition launches today, and you have until the closing date of 25th August to publish your videos on the YouTube site. After the entries are in, Andrew, Mark Gerhard and a few video-hungry members of the Community Management team will then shortlist five finalists. Those five movies will then feature in a RuneScape weekly poll, allowing the community to buy OSRS gold choose their favourite.