What is a Printer Test Page?

The most well-known issue we experience is with inkjet printers, and as a rule these can be removed with a print test page. So it's in every case great to have one accessible when you need it.

What Problems will a test page fix?

A printer test page will uncover and distinguish the reasons you would need to print a test page in any case. The issues a printer test page can recognize are obstructed print heads, arrangement issues and can likewise assist with shading replication. By finding the printer issue by printing a test page you can take care of the issue faster.

Printer test pages can likewise be utilized to keep the ink streaming in your printer. On the off chance that your printer goes unused for an extensive stretch of time, the print heads may get hindered or the ink in and around the cartridge or the printer will dry and cause blockages of ink stream. By routinely printing a test page you will help keep up the printer and improve the nature of your printing and life expectancy of your printer. This can set aside you cash over the long haul.

How to print a test page for your printer?

We understand that purchasing inks can be costly. The exact thing you need is to utilize your ink by  print test pages.

We have assembled these free online test print pages of the fundamental parts of the black & white printer test page and a colour printer test page sparing you much ink as could be expected.

Here are some essential directions to print a test page for your printer utilizing our free online printer test page tool. To print a test page:

- Scroll down to the black & white or colour test page button

- Once you have selected the printer test page button open it up, and hit print.

- Your printer test page will print.


Colour Test Page

The Colour test page can be utilized for printers with at least four hues. The motivation behind the designs is:

Colour printer test page distinguishes shading replication and helps to flush the prin thead, thus helping the print head adjust, assisting with hues showing up where they shouldn't.

The "spiral angles" likewise help distinguish shading replication yet in addition help decide whether the prin thead is fit for supporting printing of that shading.


This colour test page will deal with all printers for test pages including HP printer test pages, Epson printer test pages, Canon printer test pages, Brother Printer test pages and more.


Black and White Test Page

Like the previous test page, the black and white printer test page works in dark scale.

This printer test page will deal with all printers for test pages including HP printer test pages, Epson printer test pages, Canon printer test pages, Brother Printer test pages and more.

Printer Test Page Analysis

When you have printed your page you have the option to perceive any prompt issues with your printing that will be clear to the naked eye.

Any breaks in the content are best tended to with a print head cleaning cycle. Printer test sheets can help cleaning the print heads yet are not the ideal arrangement. Each printer including HP, Canon, Epson, Samsung, Kodak printers have a type of a "Print head Cleaning Cycle" which ought to be situated in either the menu settings on your printer screen or on your PC under "devices and settings".

We suggest running the cleaning once before you print a test page again for best outcomes. You can utilize these test pages on any Ink Jet or LaserJet printer.

In case you're printer isn't printing; follow these basic checks.

  • Ensure the ink cartridges are inserted in the correct openings for every cartridge
  • Check the printer tab or tape covering the air gap is taken out completely from the head of the cartridge. This permits the air to stream and delivery ink from the cartridge.
  • If your printer is as yet not printing, restart your printer by eliminating the ink cartridges.