Meditation is not something that has evolved in recent years. Yes, it has gained popularity in the last few decades; but the technique of using meditation to control mind has been used for ages and centuries in the land of India. 

So, what is the connection between meditation and controlling the mind?

Meditation has been proven to provide relief to people who suffer from anxiety bouts and stress. Scientific research in this area has also proved that meditation can help provide relief from stress-related medical issues like fibromyalgia, and irritable bowel syndrome.

When you meditate, you start by focusing on your breath; controlling your mind and thoughts. Over a period, you start to understand the purpose of your existence; you start to reflect on your thoughts and actions; you begin to be grateful for your life and for the presence of others in your life; and, you also focus on a day-to-day basis on your activities.

One of the big benefits of meditation is that you start to work on your outlook towards your life. Meditation helps you self-analyze; which is when you start to emotionally and psychologically heal. It has been medically proven that when we are stressed, our brain releases cytokines or natural chemicals. With the release of these chemicals, the mood of the person is affected. When the right technique of meditation is practiced, the release of chemical compounds is decreased. 

So, one of the biggest benefits of meditation on the brain is the power of positive thinking. How?

Continuous meditation helps the person to get rid of anxiety, depression, and fear; and when this first layer of apprehension melts down; you get clarity in your thinking which leads to the growth of positivity in your thinking. With this kind of positive thinking, you will experience inner peace, satisfaction, relaxation, enhanced self-awareness, and higher self-esteem.