The Work Zone Flagging training course is designated towards individuals looking to become professional flaggers. The Course is designed to prepare workers involved in routine construction operations where the general public and/or workers may be exposed to potential workplace hazards caused by equipment and vehicles. This course will provide a thorough explanation of New York State flagging procedures and regulations.

In order to participate in flagging operations a flagger must identify the source of their flagger training to the engineer and if requested demonstrate their ability to perform flagging procedures correctly. Flaggers not able to perform the proper procedures correctly must be replaced or retrained.

Flaggers Role and Responsibilities

Flaggers are used in construction operations to provide traffic control whenever potential hazards may be present. A flaggers main responsibility is to protect the safety of workers and the general public, deal with emergency vehicles and identify the correct flagging practices, procedures, equipment and clothing.

Course Information

After completing the course individuals will understand how to provide safe passage of traffic through work zones as well as minimize risk through using standard flagging procedures learned during their training.

Who Should Attend?

Construction work zone flaggers are required to obtain a Work Zone Flagger certification. The Flagging certification is valid for 3 years only.

Course Outline

- Learn Flagging procedures and proper use of flagging equipment used in the field

- Review duties and required skills of flagging operators through hands-on activities

- Learn to coordinate traffic through the work zone safely.

Course Features

- 24/7 Customer Support

- Audio Narration

- Available on Mobile, Desktop and Tablet

- Ability to Switch Between Devices During Course

- Large Font, Easy to Use Buttons and Video

- Start, Stop and Finish at Any time

- Money Back Guarantee

We are confident that you will enjoy this course. But in the off chance you are dissatisfied for any reason, we will refund your payment , no questions asked. That simple!