iOS 14 is the latest operating system for the iPhone. It has several new functions that are not available in the older iOS variants. Not only features, but it also introduces an exceptional user interface and user experience when it comes to comparing with iOS 13 or older.

This guide will show you six innovative things that you will only see in iOS 14. So, without wasting time, let’s get started.

6 Items You Will Find Only in iOS 14

Use Apps Without Installing

A new feature “App Clips” is added in iOS 14, allowing users to open and access bite-sized format of apps without even installing. All you need to do is use QR Codes, NFC or web links to run apps on your iPhone. Android devices already have a similar feature. Now Apple has released a new method to access apps. Suppose you need an app only for a short period, you can quickly use App Clips to use them temporarily.  Home Screen Widgets  

Similar to Android, Apple has now launched a new home widget feature, enabling a user to add new widgets to the home screen easily. All you need to do is, tap and hold the blank portion of your iPhone’s home screen, to enter the edit mode. After that, you should press the + button to select and add a widget. You will see a collection of various widgets to add into the home screen. To add any of these widget, drag and drop them on the home screen. You can then adjust the size of your gadgets and make a stack to keep them in one place.

Shift Apps to App Library

In iOS 14, Apple has provided a cool feature that compiles your new apps as per their kind. Android phones have a similar feature since its genesis. Whenever you install a new application, you can allow this feature to arrange the new app to the App Library automatically. This will keep your apps and home screen organized. To enable this feature, you should follow these instructions:

  1. First and foremost, head to Settings.
  2. Then head to Home Screen.
  3. Now select whether you would like to add your newly installed applications to the home screen or App Library.

If you select newly installed apps to get organized in App Library, your device will arrange all new apps in your App Library every time you install a new app. Isn’t it cool? No doubt that you will be going to love iOS 14.

Play a Video in Picture-in-Picture Mode

Just like iPads, now you can watch videos in picture-in-picture mode. No matter if you play a video on Netflix, YouTube, or a web browser, it will keep on playing even if you exit the app. When you leave or minimize an app, the video will shrink to a small size and float on the screen. That way, you can use other apps while watching the video.

Pin Important Conversation in Messages

Do you wish to quickly access a particular chat in messages? If yes, then you can now pin your favorite or important chats on the top. Again Android phones have had this feature since years. Here’s how to pin a message on the top in Messages:

  1. First of all, open the Messages app.
  2. Then find the conversation that you want to stick to the top.
  3. Long press it.
  4. Now select the Pin option.

Congrats, you have pinned the conversation on the top efficiently.

Translate App

A new app named Translate is launched in iOS 14. Old operating systems will not get access to this app. It is an AI enabled translator. It will work like a translator for you when you need. You can either use a voice command to tell it to translate something or enter text manually with the on-screen keyboard.   We hope that you will try out these features after installing iOS 14 in your device. Keep in mind that only iPhone 6S or newer models are compatible with iOS 14. 

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