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Please use the following to answer the next question:
Javier is a member of the fitness club EVERFIT. This company has branches in many EU member states, but for the purposes of the GDPR maintains its primary establishment in France. Javier lives in Newry, Northern Ireland (part of the U.K.), and commutes across the border to work in Dundalk, Ireland. Two years ago while on a business trip, Javier was photographed while working out at a branch of EVERFIT in Frankfurt, Germany. At the time, Javier gave his consent to being included in the photograph, since he was told that it would be used for promotional purposes only. Since then, the photograph has been used in the club's U.K.
brochures, and it features in the landing page of its U.K. website. However, the fitness club has recently fallen into disrepute due to widespread mistreatment of members at various branches of the club in several EU member states. As a result, Javier no longer feels comfortable with his photograph being publicly associated with the fitness club.
After numerous failed attempts to book an appointment with the manager of the local branch to discuss this matter, Javier sends a letter to EVETFIT requesting that his image be removed from the website and all promotional materials. Months pass and Javier, having received no acknowledgment of his request, becomes very anxious about this matter. After repeatedly failing to contact EVETFIT through alternate channels, he decides to take action against the company.
Javier contacts the U.K. Information Commissioner's Office ('ICO' - the U.K.'s supervisory authority) to lodge a complaint about this matter. The ICO, pursuant to Article 56 (3) of the GDPR, informs the CNIL (i.e.
the supervisory authority of EVERFIT's main establishment) about this matter. Despite the fact that EVERFIT has an establishment in the U.K., the CNIL decides to handle the case in accordance with Article 60 of the GDPR. The CNIL liaises with the ICO, as relevant under the cooperation procedure. In light of issues amongst the supervisory authorities to reach a decision, the European Data Protection Board becomes involved and, pursuant to the consistency mechanism, issues a binding decision.
Additionally, Javier sues EVERFIT for the damages caused as a result of its failure to honor his request to have his photograph removed from the brochure and website.
Assuming that multiple EVETFIT branches across several EU countries are acting as separate data controllers, and that each of those branches were responsible for mishandling Javier's request, how may Javier proceed in order to seek compensation?

  • A. He will be able to apply to the European Data Protection Board in order to determine which particular EVETFIT branch is liable for damages, based on the decision that was made by the board.
  • B. He will have to sue each EVETFIT branch so that each branch provides proportionate compensation commensurate with its contribution to the damage or distress suffered by Javier.
  • C. He will have to sue the EVETFIT's head office in France, where EVETFIT has its main establishment.
  • D. He will be able to sue any one of the relevant EVETFIT branches, as each one may be held liable for the entire damage.

Answer: C


Which of the following entities would most likely be exempt from complying with the GDPR?

  • A. A Chinese company that has opened a satellite office in a European Union (EU) member state to service European customers.
  • B. A North American company servicing customers in South Africa that uses a cloud storage system made by a European company.
  • C. A South American company that regularly collects European customers' personal data.
  • D. A company that stores all customer data in Australia and is headquartered in a European Union (EU) member state.

Answer: A


Please use the following to answer the next question:
Joe is the new privacy manager for Who-R-U, a Canadian business that provides DNA analysis. The company is headquartered in Montreal, and all of its employees are located there. The company offers its services to Canadians only: Its website is in English and French, it accepts only Canadian currency, and it blocks internet traffic from outside of Canada (although this solution doesn't prevent all non-Canadian traffic). It also declines to process orders that request the DNA report to be sent outside of Canada, and returns orders that show a non-Canadian return address.
Bob, the President of Who-R-U, thinks there is a lot of interest for the product in the EU, and the company is exploring a number of plans to expand its customer base.
The first plan, collegially called We-Track-U, will use an app to collect information about its current Canadian customer base. The expansion will allow its Canadian customers to use the app while traveling abroad. He suggests that the company use this app to gather location information. If the plan shows promise, Bob proposes to use push notifications and text messages to encourage existing customers to pre-register for an EU version of the service. Bob calls this work plan, We-Text-U. Once the company has gathered enough pre- registrations, it will develop EU-specific content and services.
Another plan is called Customer for Life. The idea is to offer additional services through the company's app, like storage and sharing of DNA information with other applications and medical providers. The company's contract says that it can keep customer DNA indefinitely, and use it to offer new services and market them to customers. It also says that customers agree not to withdraw direct marketing consent. Paul, the marketing director, suggests that the company should fully exploit these provisions, and that it can work around customers' attempts to withdraw consent because the contract invalidates them.
The final plan is to develop a brand presence in the EU. The company has already begun this process. It is in the process of purchasing the naming rights for a building in Germany, which would come with a few offices that Who-R-U executives can use while traveling internationally. The office doesn't include any technology or infrastructure; rather, it's simply a room with a desk and some chairs.
On a recent trip concerning the naming-rights deal, Bob's laptop is stolen. The laptop held unencrypted DNA reports on 5,000 Who-R-U customers, all of whom are residents of Canada. The reports include customer name, birthdate, ethnicity, racial background, names of relatives, gender, and occasionally health information.
The Customer for Life plan may conflict with which GDPR provision?

  • A. Article 6, which requires processing to be lawful.
  • B. Article 16, which provides data subjects with a rights to rectification.
  • C. Article 7, which requires consent to be as easy to withdraw as it is to give.
  • D. Article 20, which gives data subjects a right to data portability.

Answer: C


Please use the following to answer the next QUESTION:
Larry has become increasingly dissatisfied with his telemarketing position at SunriseLynx, and particularly with his supervisor, Evan. Just last week, he overheard Evan mocking the state's Do Not Call list, as well as the people on it. "If they were really serious about not being bothered," Evan said, "They'd be on the national DNC list. That's the only one we're required to follow. At SunriseLynx, we call until they ask us not to." Bizarrely, Evan requires telemarketers to keep records of recipients who ask them to call "another time." This, to Larry, is a clear indication that they don't want to be called at all. Evan doesn't see it that way.
Larry believes that Evan's arrogance also affects the way he treats employees. The U.S. Constitution protects American workers, and Larry believes that the rights of those at SunriseLynx are violated regularly. At first Evan seemed friendly, even connecting with employees on social medi a. However, following Evan's political posts, it became clear to Larry that employees with similar affiliations were the only ones offered promotions.
Further, Larry occasionally has packages containing personal-use items mailed to work. Several times, these have come to him already opened, even though this name was clearly marked. Larry thinks the opening of personal mail is common at SunriseLynx, and that Fourth Amendment rights are being trampled under Evan's leadership.
Larry has also been dismayed to overhear discussions about his coworker, Sadie. Telemarketing calls are regularly recorded for quality assurance, and although Sadie is always professional during business, her personal conversations sometimes contain sexual comments. This too is something Larry has heard Evan laughing about. When he mentioned this to a coworker, his concern was met with a shrug. It was the coworker's belief that employees agreed to be monitored when they signed on. Although personal devices are left alone, phone calls, emails and browsing histories are all subject to surveillance. In fact, Larry knows of one case in which an employee was fired after an undercover investigation by an outside firm turned up evidence of misconduct. Although the employee may have stolen from the company, Evan could have simply contacted the authorities when he first suspected something amiss.
Larry wants to take action, but is uncertain how to proceed.
In regard to telemarketing practices, Evan the supervisor has a misconception regarding?

  • A. The conditions under which recipients can opt out
  • B. The right to monitor calls for quality assurance
  • C. The wishes of recipients who request callbacks
  • D. The relationship of state law to federal law

Answer: C