The film is a 70s drama and will cast Cooper Hoffman in lead roles. Cooper Hoffman is a son of the famed actor Philip Seymour Hoffman. 

Alana Haim is also a part of the film. She is a musical artist, a member of the Haim band from Los Angeles, and a collaborator of Anderson music videos. She will make her feature film acting debut with the film.

Sources : New Directorial Venture of Paul Thomas Anderson

Cooper Hoffman will also announce himself as an actor for the first time with this film. Hoffman's son will get a fantastic opportunity with Paul Thomas Anderson's film if the report of Hollywood Reporter is to be believed.

Recent casting news has revealed that Cooper Hoffman will play the role of a fictional child actor in the year 1970s. Along with steering the wheel for the film, Paul Thomas Anderson has also penned the script.

The principal photography of the film is being done at the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, where the productions of his previous films also took place.

Limitless star and A Star is Born Academy Award-nominated actor Bradley Cooper is also a part of the film.

Benny Safdie, famed director of Uncut Gems and Robert Pattinson starrer Good Time, is also a collaborator in the film.

Alana Haim is the youngest sister among the Haim sisters. The other two sisters are Este and Danielle.

Paul Thomas Anderson has also directed several music videos for Haim over the years that includes the famous song "Hallelujah" "The Steps." Both of the songs are a part of the album called "Women in Music Pt. III," which was released this year.

Anderson shares a relationship with the Haim band since 2017 when he shot a video called "Right Now," which was a performance captured live.

Anderson and Philip Hoffman have worked together before on films like "Hard Eight," "Boogie Nights," "Magnolia," and "Punch Drunk Love," and the 2012 flick "Master."

"Hard Eight" was the first feature directorial film of Anderson in which he had worked with Philip Seymour Hoffman, Samuel L Jackson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Philip Baker Hall, and John C. Reilly.

There isn't much revealed about the plot of the film apart from the fact that it will feature a child actor in the 1970s set up. Paul Thomas Anderson's company Ghoulardi Film Company will produce the film, and it will be distributed by MGM.

Paul Thomas Anderson is a reputed filmmaker who is best known for making psychological dramas mostly shot in San Fernando Valley. He has worked with some of the industry's finest artists that include last Academy Award Winner for Best Actor Joaquin Phoenix (Joker), Daniel Day-Lewis, John C. Reilly, etc.

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