Karsten Scholz issued an update on September 17, 2020, which is exactly nine o'clock in the morning. World of Warcraft Classic warriors rose to the highest level in PvP, Grand Marshal 59. The streamer CrashGaming247 refers to the fighters who can use powerful 14 weapons in World of Warcraft Classic as the Grand Marshal. If you want to get this experience, you must first upgrade your level to level 60.

There will always be many challenges in World of Warcraft Classic, so heroes must have strong resistance. It is a long and difficult task to reach PvP level 14. However, it will take a long time to fight for honor. Many players only need to see how many characters can use level 14 weapons to complete this task in the new version of Vanilla. Finally defeated the boss in unexpected time.

The ranks of the highest warlord and generals have joined the streamer CrashGaming247. The latest news, even if it has reached 14 people, there are still 13% missing. The World of Warcraft Classic Gold Progress Association is not the cause of the collapse. Until now, he has only been watching Zul Gurub from the inside. The reason for this is that its fighters have not reached level 60. The first player ever to rank 14 without reaching level 60.

Characters below level 60 will face serious exploitation, and players will dare not say anything. Fighting for the Vanilla WOW Gold highest honor with a level 60 fighter will take a long time, because there will be fewer players at level 50 to 59. It is not allowed to hand over honor tokens, because they not only grant honor, but also the experience they want to convey. Many aristocratic PvP young boys who are experienced PvP fans are from the 50-59 level.Players are easily troubled when playing the game "World of Warcraft". They don't have so much time and energy to get enough WOW Classic Gold in the game. I want to say, that’s because you don’t know about the MMOWTS website. The WOW Classic Gold on this website is really cheap.