Press-on nails are artificial nails designed to go over your natural nails. They are available in various shapes and colors, typically lasting from ten days to two weeks when applied properly. 

However, sometimes they can fall off or chip within days. This is frequently due to improper application or a lack of care after the press-on nails have been done. Do you want to keep your manicure as long as possible? Here's how to enjoy long-lasting press-on nails!

Use High-Quality Press-On Nails & Glue

If you start with high-quality products, your manicure will stay longer. A quality press-on nail come in various sizes and is long-lasting yet soft enough to be filed to the desired size and shape.

Even if your press-on nails come pre-lined with adhesive, adding some high-quality glue is an excellent idea to help them stick. A good nail glue should dry quickly and give enough adhesion to keep your nails in place for up to two weeks. You may also use this nail glue to make quick fixes if your press-on nails start coming off.

Use The Right Size

It's essential to measure your nails and buy a designer press-on nail set that you can file to fit. If your press-on nails are too big or too small, you will have problems keeping them on for an extended time. There are 12 distinct sizes available for small and more extensive nail beds, such as premium, signature, and essentials.

Choose the Right Shape & Length for Your Lifestyle

Consider how much you use your hands and what you do with them daily.

If you're regularly wash dishes, there are better fits than lengthy stiletto nails, which will likely break after a few days of wear. You can get away with longer, tapered, press-on nails if you don't do much manual work. It all falls to what works well for you! There are many different lengths and forms to pick from.

Prep Your Hands & Cuticles

Sometimes we forget about our hands and cuticles when putting on press-on nails. Before applying press-on nails, moisturize your hands, especially your cuticles. This allows the press-on nails to firmly attach to your nail bed, extending their life significantly. Cuticle care and the use of cuticle oil or another moisturizer are all that are required.

Prep the Surface of Your Nails

A little pre-application care can help your new manicure last longer:

  • Dehydrate.

Dehydrate your natural nails first, then remove the oils with alcohol or acetone. You can do this with pre-soaked pads, a bottle, and a cotton round. Dehydrating your natural nails ensures that the press-on nails have a clean surface to attach to, which means they will last longer than if your nails were unclean during application.

  • Buff.

Another vital step is buffing if you want your long-lasting press on nails to last as long as possible. Rough up the surface of your natural nails with a buffing tool. This will provide a cover for your nail glue and press-on nails to stick to for an extended time.

  • Base Coat.

A high-quality base coat can also protect your nails when applying nail strips. The base layer gives a smooth, protective barrier between the adhesive and your natural nails, extending the life of your nails and preventing discoloration. Gem-In-Eye Cosmetics press-on nail base coat, enriched with nourishing vitamins and minerals, soothes your nails and cuticles, strengthens weak and brittle tips, and promotes healthy growth.

  • Dry.

After you've prepped your nails, let them dry completely before starting the press-on application. This procedure will help the press-on nails connect to your natural nails and stay in place for an extended time.