There are many numbers of couples who come to MotherToBe fertility centre, which is the best fertility hospital in Hyderabad to treat their infertility issues. The best infertility doctor in Hyderabad working in the MotherToBe fertility centre examines the patients thoroughly and conducts IUI fertility treatment or In Vitro Fertilization treatment or egg donation or test tube baby process, which process would be best for the patient. Because of the success rate of this Fertility Center in Hyderabad, the clinic is also considered as top IVF hospital in Hyderabad as well as the best IUI Treatment Hospital in Hyderabad. Are you also looking for the best fertility Centre in Hyderabad to get the best fertility treatments? Then you are in the right place, where we will let you know the interesting facts about medical services and best doctors. MotherToBe is one of the advanced fertility Centres in Hyderabad for infertile couples. Here all can get all types of infertile treatment like IVF treatment, ICSI, PCOS treatments, Donor egg/embryo treatments, and many more. We also identified the polycystic ovary syndrome treatment in Hyderabad. A MotherToBe - the best fertility hospital in Hyderabad, offers specialized infertility treatments. We have the expertise and our expert team of doctors are experienced and highly qualified to perform these advanced procedures and offer high success rates at the genuine cost. Embryo transfer is a simple and effective procedure and is often regarded as the simplest and final step in the (IVF) Vitro fertilization treatment. The main objective of embryo transfer is to facilitate conception following fertilization from in vitro fertilization treatment. To know more about embryo donation in Hyderabad, you can directly consult with the MotherToBe fertility centre. Being the best fertility hospital in Hyderabad After the embryo donation procedure and egg retrieval procedure, an embryo transfer process occurs on the third or fifth day. In case you are transferring frozen embryos, the transfer will take place at the scheduled time decided by you and the IVF treatment hospital. MotherToBe – the best fertility hospital in Hyderabad is the best place for this treatment and where you will consult with dr vyjayanthi infertility specialist Hyderabad and get the optimal results. Because it needs prior discussion with the infertility specialist in Hyderabad to discuss the quality of your embryos and how many of those embryos should be placed into the uterus. During embryo transfer, the process normally takes place in sterile conditions, even though anesthesia is not given to you. Doctors use a Valium or other smooth muscle relaxant before the procedure. This helps to relax your nerves; it relaxes the muscle of the uterus and makes it an easy place for the implantation of the embryo. The embryos are loaded into a special catheter, designed for embryo implantation with the guidance of the embryologist. A speculum is placed inside the vagina, which helps to see the cervix perfectly, which will be cleaned after the process. So choose the best fertility hospital in Hyderabad and get safe and effective treatment. Call@ 7093617272 Email Id: WebSite: