Mulan is all set to release on September 4th on Disney Plus. The subscribers will have to pay $30 to watch the movie, but recently Disney made a surprising announcement; if you don’t want to pay for the film, then you can watch it for free. But here is the catch, you will have to wait three months for that. The company has promised to make the movie free to watch for all the subscribers on December 4th. Sources :- Disney+ Subscribers Recently, Disney has made several changes on the Mulan’s Disney Plus page. It is mentioned there that the movie will be available for “Premier access” until November 2nd, 2020. The company is yet to clarify what will be the options of the subscribers who wish to purchase the movie from November 2nd to December 4th. The move to make the film available for the general subscribers only after three months of release is an aberration. It seems Disney is adjusting to the rapidly evolving consumer choices. With a time of just three months between theatrical release and online availability, there is no doubt that Mulan probably has made a new record for the shortest window in Disney history. The company had made the initial announcement about the online release of Mulan in August. The CEO had maintained that it was just a one-time experiment. The film will be accessible on Disney Plus in all the countries where it exists, while countries such as China and many more will get a theatrical release. The movie is expected to do exceptionally in China, and therefore, the theatrical release makes sense. Releasing Mulan online was a big decision for Disney. The movie had already been delayed twice, and it was high time that the company made the right move to ensure that they don’t accrue any more financial loss. Indeed, a movie like Mulan will never be able to generate revenue as much as it can. The online release will undoubtedly hamper its earnings. But Disney does not have many options. The company is looking to use this opportunity to increase their subscribers. To have access to the movie forever, one will need to keep the subscription once anyone purchases the film digitally. This strategy is made explicitly with the churn rate in mind. The company struggles to keep its subscribers because of a lack of quality content. Disney understands this well enough to use other means of ensuring that they control the churn rate as low as possible. Only time will tell how successful such strategies will be for the company. So, for anyone who was planning on watching Mulan online now has two options. You can pay $30 to watch the movie right now, or you can wait three months to watch the film free of charge on December 4th. Hallie Smith is an inventive person who has been doing intensive research in particular topics and writing blogs and articles on and many other related topics. He is a very knowledgeable person with lots of experience.