Canon is a well-known printer brand with a reputation for producing high-quality, dependable printers. However, Canon printers also experience issues that need immediate treatment, just like any other mechanical gear. Canon printer error 5200 is one of these frequent errors (support code). In this article, we'll cover the causes of this error as well as several quick Canon Error 5200 Reset. You may easily overcome this problem if you properly follow this guide.

What Causes Canon Printer Error 5200?

Cartridge issues are the main cause of Canon Maxify Support Code 5200. It can be because your cartridges have low ink levels, they are defective, or your printer's logic board is having some problems. We are aware that Canon printers use the colours in colour ink cartridges to print in black even if the black cartridge runs out. As a result, if you encounter error 5200 with your Canon printer, your ink cartridges are either empty or nearly empty. Let's talk about the fixes for this mistake now that you know what caused it.

How to resolve error code 5200 on a Canon printer

There are primarily three simple fixes for the Canon printer problem 5200. Till this problem is solved, you should try each of the solutions we have covered one by one.

Solution 1: Fill up all of your ink tanks and cartridges

  1. Check the ink levels in your colourful and black ink cartridges, and refill them if necessary.
  2. Make sure the colour ink cartridge is filled as well after refilling the black one. You will run into this error if not.

Solution 2: Manually Clean the Cartridge or Print Head 

  1. Unplug your printer's power cord and keep it unplugged for an hour.
  2. After that, remove the ink cartridges from your printer and thoroughly clean their heads.
  3. To see if the issue has been fixed or not, reinstall the toner cartridges, plug in the power cable once again, and switch on your printer.

Solution 3: Reset your Canon printer to its factory (default) settings

We will restore the default printer settings by following these instructions.

  1. Click the "ON" button to turn off your printer.
  2. Attend to the printer's shutdown.
  3. Next, simultaneously push and hold the "ON" and "Stop" buttons with your left and right hands, respectively. After two to three seconds, release the "Stop" button, but maintain holding the "ON" button in your left hand.
  4. Press the "Stop" button five times while continuing to hold the "ON" button. The yellow triangle light below should turn on and off every time you click the Stop button, which you should do every two seconds or so.
  5. After releasing all the buttons, the LCD display will go blank but the ON button will begin to flicker. The reset of your printer is shown by this. Your computer may now indicate that it is installing new hardware; disregard that message.
  6. When the ON button's green light stops flickering and remains steady. Press it once, then watch for the printer to turn off.
  7. Take the printer's ink cartridges out. Replace the cartridges in the printer after carefully cleaning the printhead. Then, to turn on your printer, hit the "ON" button.

I'm done now. Try printing again right now, and your printer should work correctly.

You have read this post to learn the three tried-and-true solutions to the Error 5200 that frequently affects Canon printers. Start the conversation in the comment part of the download below if the problem hasn't yet been resolved in your situation.

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