Greatest Weapon in Runescape for OSRS gold Members. In my opinion the best weapon in Runescape for Members is a Saradomin Godsword. The reason for this is because when you strike with all the Saradomin Godsword half of your damage is moved to a hitpoints (At least 10) and also one-quarter of it's transferred to your prayer (At least 5).

The Way to Prevent and Contain Scams? When people are down on their luck, do not have sufficient money, or just simply like to deceive people they may scam you. When someone is buying something at a very large price or purchasing something at a really low cost, then you need to take care when trading together. Always take care when working with them, make certain that whenever you're trading which EVERYTHING is how YOU want it to be. Make sure you check the last screen at least 3 times to ensure everything is correct.

If someone asks you to trust them and give them a product which they'll give back, DON'T TRUST THEM. Don't give any items to anyone for free (Unless it is a VERY close friend you know in real life). If someone asks you to do that then you must report them and walk away. Don't Ever Scam. This is the conclusion of my manual. Hope it Helped. I've played a couple of games in the truly amazing Orb Project" where the following has happened: (aside: I'm at the free-to-play world)The green team I'm playing dominates round 1 and round 2. Everything is going well, and the purple portal opens up to go to around three. I step into the purple portal, and instead of the purple portal taking me to around 3, it brings me into the runecrafting guild and Acantha is yelling (something to the effect of),"You FAILED! Oh well, I suppose two altars are much better than none...".

It is frustrating to be on a team that is doing this well, and the match abruptly ends. Does someone have a potential explanation for why the game ends after around 2? When your team is succeeding so well, wouldn't the people on your staff all want to move to rounds 3-6? Or, is there something I do not know about, where people only wish to play the atmosphere and mind runecrafting altars?

I will anaylse the issues magic has and how to improve Runes

Heres a rant, I would like, someone typically very good at ranting. But this time I've worked out the issue everyone will have encounter, magic sucking poorly. I lately got 70 mage on my pure, its great actually I can make people stop and I scare everyone to death. Its a security net, when someone whips out a gmaul I suspend them, thern continue to pepper with various projectiles. However, pking with just magic is hell, slow cast speed, absurd expenses, rangers whi pyou aside and everyone that my level wears full dhide, so in this psot I will anaylse the problems magic has and how to RuneScape gold buy enhance it.