You can expand your horizons by studying or participating in a student program in Spain. Spain is one of the EU's most illustrious countries and a popular destination for international students of all majors and nationalities. This post will serve as your short information guide that will help you explore further in your procedure to obtain a Spanish residency visa:

One of the most sought-after abroad locations for studies is Spain. One may study in Spain at top universities, experience exciting city life, enjoy exciting nightlife, and more. Spanish student visas come in a variety of forms and may be valid for a wide range of times. To study in Spain, students need to submit an application and supporting documents to the nearest Spanish embassy or consulate. Once you have been admitted to a program, you may apply.

How can you apply for a student visa to Spain?

You need an acceptance letter from your chosen school before you can apply for a student visa. The kind of visa you want to apply for is another consideration. When applying for a student visa to Spain, certain consulates will only accept mail-in applications, while others may need a personal appearance.

Visa options available:

Schengen visa for tourists (less than 90 days)

Some nationalities do not need a visa to enter Spain for stays of up to 90 days if they originate from a visa-exempt country. You may enter Spain without a student, but you may be asked to present documentation of a return flight by customs agents. Short-term Schengen visas are required if your planned stay in Spain will be shorter than 90 days for academic purposes (also known as a tourist Schengen visa).

From 90 to 180 days

If you are not a citizen of an EU/EEA member state and will stay in Spain for more than 90 days, you must apply for a visa. Students, researchers, and interns searching for unpaid employment opportunities in Spain fall into this group.

180+ days

Requesting a Spanish student visa valid for more than 180 days involves completing some extra paperwork. A background check is also required. You will need to apply for a Spain Residence Permit once you are in Spain.

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