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Clean-Q is a company that offers house-hold and office cleaning services. The company receives requests from consumers via their website and telephone, to book cleaning services. Based on the type and size of service, Clean-Q then contracts individuals that are registered on its resource database - currently managed in- house by Clean-Q IT Support. Because of Clean-Q's business model, resources are contracted as needed instead of permanently employed.
The table below indicates some of the personal information Clean-Q requires as part of its business operations:
Clean-Q has an internal employee base of about 30 people. A recent privacy compliance exercise has been conducted to align employee data management and human resource functions with applicable data protection regulation. Therefore, the Clean-Q permanent employee base is not included as part of this scenario.
With an increase in construction work and housing developments, Clean-Q has had an influx of requests for cleaning services. The demand has overwhelmed Clean-Q's traditional supply and demand system that has caused some overlapping bookings.
Ina business strategy session held by senior management recently, Clear-Q invited vendors to present potential solutions to their current operational issues. These vendors included Application developers and Cloud-Q's solution providers, presenting their proposed solutions and platforms.
The Managing Director opted to initiate the process to integrate Clean-Q's operations with a cloud solution (LeadOps) that will provide the following solution one single online platform: A web interface that Clean-Q accesses for the purposes of resource and customer management. This would entail uploading resource and customer information.
* A customer facing web interface that enables customers to register, manage and submit cleaning service requests online.
* A resource facing web interface that enables resources to apply and manage their assigned jobs.
* An online payment facility for customers to pay for services.
What is a key consideration for assessing external service providers like LeadOps, which will conduct personal information processing operations on Clean-Q's behalf?

  • A. Recognizing the value of LeadOps' website holding a verified security certificate.
  • B. Obtaining knowledge of LeadOps' information handling practices and information security environment.
  • C. Understanding LeadOps' costing model.
  • D. Establishing a relationship with the Managing Director of LeadOps.

Answer: B


What is the main reason a company relies on implied consent instead of explicit consent from a user to process her data?

  • A. Regulators prefer the implied consent model.
  • B. To secure explicit consent, a user's website browsing would be significantly disrupted.
  • C. The implied consent model provides the user with more detailed data collection information.
  • D. An explicit consent model is more expensive to implement.

Answer: C


Which activity would best support the principle of data quality?

  • A. Providing notice to the data subject regarding any change in the purpose for collecting such data.
  • B. Ensuring that information remains accurate.
  • C. Delivering information in a format that the data subject understands.
  • D. Ensuring that the number of teams processing personal information is limited.

Answer: B

Explanation/Reference: https://iapp.org/resources/article/fair-information-practices/


Please use the following to answer the next question:
Light Blue Health (LBH) is a healthcare technology company developing a new web and mobile application that collects personal health information from electronic patient health records. The application will use machine learning to recommend potential medical treatments and medications based on information collected from anonymized electronic health records. Patient users may also share health data collected from other mobile apps with the LBH app.
The application requires consent from the patient before importing electronic health records into the application and sharing it with their authorized physicians or healthcare provider. The patient can then review and share the recommended treatments with their physicians securely through the app. The patient user may also share location data and upload photos in the app. The patient user may also share location data and upload photos in the app for a healthcare provider to review along with the health record. The patient may also delegate access to the app.
LBH's privacy team meets with the Application development and Security teams, as well as key business stakeholders on a periodic basis. LBH also implements Privacy by Design (PbD) into the application development process.
The Privacy Team is conducting a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) to evaluate privacy risks during development of the application. The team must assess whether the application is collecting descriptive, demographic or any other user related data from the electronic health records that are not needed for the purposes of the application. The team is also reviewing whether the application may collect additional personal data for purposes for which the user did not provide consent.
What is the best way to ensure that the application only collects personal data that is needed to fulfill its primary purpose of providing potential medical and healthcare recommendations?

  • A. Disclose what personal data the application the collecting in the company Privacy Policy posted online.
  • B. Provide the user with an option to select which personal data the application may collect.
  • C. Obtain consent before using personal health information for data analytics purposes.
  • D. Document each personal category collected by the app and ensure it maps to an app function or feature.

Answer: A


Which is NOT a way to validate a person's identity?

  • A. Selecting a picture and tracing a unique pattern on it.
  • B. Swiping a smartcard into an electronic reader.
  • C. Answering a question about "something you know".
  • D. Using a program that creates random passwords.

Answer: D