World of Warcraft won't make it's debut until 2022 at  WOTLK Classic Gold the latest, but they'll be huge growth drivers when they launch.In addition to the new Blizzard numbers, the Activision Blizzard report revealed massive new figures regarding World of Warcraft and news that the game of 2021 is being developed by Sledgehammer Games and will include Integration with Warzone.WoW Classic New Burning Crusade Expanded Release Timeline Leaked On

It appears to be that World of Warcraft Classic's first expansion, The Burning Crusade, might be releasing quite soon. Some players have reported seeing an updated pop-up advertisement on the launcher that mentions the release date of June 1 to The Burning Crusade.

WoWhead reports that the images "quickly disappeared" out of the player, which could indicate that they were released earlier or weren't intended to be released in the first place. The official statement says that Blizzard does not have announced the release date yet for The Burning Crusade.

P2Pah has spoken to the developer on these reports WoW Classic's Burning Crusade expansion is already available for beta testing this suggests that a complete release could not be long off.If it's released, WoW Classic players will have the option of choosing what they do next. Burning Crusade. It is possible to keep your character's classic Classic model of game, or switch to them the Burning Crusade era.

World of Warcraft : The Burning Crusade Classic is included in any WoW subscription. This means that if you're playing the main game as well as the Classic already, you'll get access to all of this absolutely nothing.The popularity of WoW Classic has surprised even Blizzard who was convinced that the game was only appealing to a few core players. Producer executive John Hight told P2Pah: "It certainly surprised us."

He continued: "When we put out Classic We weren't certain what to expect. Would this be a huge deal or not? We were thinking"Our core fans are sure to love that, therefore let's do this for them.' Then, no the game became a large community consisting of WoW players. Like our current WoW community. We were astonished," Hight said. "We were thinking, 'Oh my God! we need to help two communities. How do we achieve that do it?"

"Suffice it to say that I believe we probably now hold the record for two of the largest MMOs on Earth. It's an impressive community. A lot bigger than we thought it was going to buy WOTLK Gold be."WoW: Shadowlands Chains Of Domination Update is Out On PTR World of Warcraft : Shadowlands The latest major update, Chains of Domination, is available to players on the MMO's test realm.