November is here, which means it's time to stock up on gifts for all those November babies. This is Scorpio season, and we all know what happens if a Scorpio doesn’t get what they want. 

If you’re waiting to find the perfect Scorpio jewelry before making your purchase, the wait is over! 

People with the zodiac sign ‘Scorpio’ are born between October 23rd and November 21st. And if you are dating one, congratulations, you have bagged yourself a passionate, loyal, and fierce partner. That said, great relationships come with greater expectations. 

Are you looking for a birthday gift that will surely impress your lady on her birthday? Or do you want to treat yourself to a beautiful birthday gift? – Either way, we got you, boo.

Let’s dive into our suggestions for special birthstone jewelry items you can gift to your partner (or yourself!) on their birthday… and win some extra brownie points while at it! ;)




Why do people wear birthstones?

To begin, many say that birthstones are connected to your soul. What does that mean? – It means that your birthstones and your soul's energies are aligned. Furthermore, birthstones also build a stronger connection between our bodies and the universe.

Likewise, Birthstones also remove blockages and hurdles in your physical, mental, and spiritual growth. Many claim that gemstones have the supernatural ability to focus the healing energies of the planet on your body. 

But this can only happen through physical contact with the gem. Hence, wearing jewelry pieces that have your birthstones set in them is a great way to maintain that physical touch.

Apart from this, birthstone jewelry is also known to align your sign’s planet’s energies to your body. This may provide you with more focus, concentration, and intellectual growth. 




What are the most appropriate birthstones for the Scorpio sign?

As we know, the months of October & November are connected to the Citrine, Topaz, and Opal gemstones. All three birthstones affect the Scorpio sign in different ways. 

Topaz promotes emotional healing, loyalty, prosperity, and creativity. Whereas opal strengthens emotional and physical relationships.

Still, out of all these, citrine has the strongest and most beneficial effects on the Scorpio sign. So, it is best fitting to gift your loved one a citrine jewel. Citrine is best known for its ability to increase determination, clarity of thought, and perseverance. 




3 Scorpio Birthstone Jewelry Items To Gift To Your Partner On Their Birthday

Let us guess… hmm… You have read enough about birthstones. So, where can you find a birthstone gift for your Scorpio partner or loved one? - This is the part where we come in. 

We have shortlisted the perfect jewelry pieces from our October-November Birthstone Jewelry collections this season!

  1. Scorpio Birthstone Genuine Citrine Necklace in Solid Gold: This Scorpio birthstone necklace is the perfect gift for your partner. This piece will remind them of you each time they wear it close to their hearts. 

The piece contains a round-shaped citrine gemstone set in solid gold. The shape of the pendant represents the sign of the zodiac. So this will be a rather thoughtful gift for your November-born partner!

Furthermore, our ancestors believe gold promotes physical and emotional healing. Gold is also believed to promote blood circulation and calm the body and soul. When paired with citrine, the combined effects provide determination and confidence. Along with unparalleled mental peace. 

2. Scorpio Citrine Gemstone Rope Ring in Solid Gold: This beautiful piece is crafted with a citrine stone set in a gold scorpion ring. The ring is sculpted with elements that represent the zodiac sign. The shank of the ring contains rope carvings. Altogether, the rope carvings, the mighty citrine birthstone, and the Scorpio symbol make it a beautiful gift for your paramour.

3. Scorpio Genuine Citrine Necklace in Sterling Silver: Hmm... Let us guess… You guys just started dating. You do want the gift to be special but not over the top. Or you are on a budget but still want the gift to be thoughtful and special for them. – Well, we have the perfect November birthstone jewelry piece for you. 

To summarize, this beautiful necklace has all the elements of our suggestion #1, but instead of solid gold, you can get it in sterling silver! That makes this a more casual but equally considerate gift at the same time.

So, what was your favorite one of these all? Let us know in the comments section.