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A Terraform output that sets the ''sensitive'' argument to true will not store that value in the state file.

  • A. False
  • B. True

Answer: A

Reference: https://www.terraform.io/language/values/outputs


What are the benefits of using Infrastructure as Code? (select five)

  • A. Infrastructure as Code gives the user the ability to recreate an application's infrastructure for disaster recovery scenarios
  • B. Infrastructure as Code is relatively simple to learn and write, regardless of a user's prior experience with developing code
  • C. Infrastructure as Code easily replaces development languages such as Go and .Net for application development
  • D. Infrastructure as Code is easily repeatable, allowing the user to reuse code to deploy similar, yet different resources
  • E. Infrastructure as Code allows a user to turn a manual task into a simple, automated deployment (Correct)
  • F. Infrastructure as Code provides configuration consistency and standardization among deployments

Answer: A,B,D,E

If you are new to infrastructure as code as a concept, it is the process of managing infrastructure in a file or files rather than manually configuring resources in a user interface.
A resource in this instance is any piece of infrastructure in a given environment, such as a virtual machine, security group, network interface, etc. At a high level, Terraform allows operators to use HCL to author files containing definitions of their desired resources on almost any provider (AWS, GCP, GitHub, Docker, etc) and automates the creation of those resources at the time of application.


You are using a terraform operation that writes state. Unfortunately automatic state unlocking has failed for that operation. Which of the below commands can be used to remove the already acquired lock on the state?

  • A. None of the above
  • B. terraform unlock
  • C. terraform force-unlock
  • D. terraform state unlock

Answer: C

Command: force-unlock
Manually unlock the state for the defined configuration.
This will not modify your infrastructure. This command removes the lock on the state for the current configuration. The behavior of this lock is dependent on the backend being used. Local state files cannot be unlocked by another process.
Terraform has a force-unlock command to manually unlock the state if unlocking failed.
If you unlock the state when someone else is holding the lock it could cause multiple writers. Force unlock should only be used to unlock your own lock in the situation where automatic unlocking failed.


You have multiple developers working on a terraform project (using terraform OSS), and have saved the terraform state in a remote S3 bucket . However ,team is intermittently experiencing inconsistencies in the provisioned infrastructure / failure in the code . You have traced this problem to simultaneous/concurrent runs of terraform apply command for 2/more developers . What can you do to fix this problem?

  • A. Use terraform workspaces feature, this will fix this problem by default , as every developer will have their own state file , and terraform will merge them on server side on its own.
  • B. Structure your team in such a way that only one individual will run terraform apply , everyone will just make changes and share with him. Then there will be no chance of any inconsistencies.
  • C. Stop using remote state , and store the developer tfstate in their own machine . Once a day , all developers should sit together and merge the state files manually , to avoid any inconsistencies.
  • D. Enable terraform state locking for the S3 backend using DynamoDB table. This prevents others from acquiring the lock and potentially corrupting your state.

Answer: D

S3 backend support state locking using DynamoDB.


What does the default "local" Terraform backend store?

  • A. Provider plugins
  • B. Terraform binary
  • C. State file
  • D. tfplan files

Answer: C

The local backend stores state on the local filesystem, locks that state using system APIs, and performs operations locally.