You know what they say, "buy cheap -- buy twice." That's why I always check the size before buying anything online. I don't want to end up with something too small or too big for me and my new blouse wouldn't fit me at all!

But many online stores now offer a personalized customer experience based on the preferences of their platform, including social media integration that allows shoppers to access live streaming videos of their choice of styles directly from the store.

You know how it goes. You order something and when the package arrives all you can think about is trying on new clothes to see what works best for your body type! But then disaster strikes - the items don't fit together, so now they're just sitting somewhere in a pile or worse... okay, let's not go there, because that would be incredibly sad. Good news: There is an art to buying clothes online that will actually fit you.

When you're shopping for clothes, it can be difficult to know what size you are. Not only do clothing sizes vary from brand to brand and even within the same company (you can wear 9 but buy pants that are 12), there is also a lack of standardization when looking at different categories such as dresses or shirts versus jeans. Why do so many people feel like they don't fit in anywhere! To make matters worse, not all websites offer easy returns if your choice is unsuccessful; plus regularly trying on tights will likely help shed those old pounds if nothing else works.

If you want to be sure which clothing size will fit your body, there is no better way than to measure yourself. When taking these measurements, make sure they are taken in a normal position and ideally with tight or no clothing at all. Finally, always triple check each number before moving on to the next step!

Now that you know your size, it's time to shop for clothes online! When buying something online, you can make a mistake about what fits. But fear not, because there are now measured chart sites that take care of all these guesses for us by providing accurate charts so we don't have to make any guesses when trying on different sizes and styles - just enter our height and weight, then click "Search"; bam!

You can never be too careful when buying clothing online. Always check the sizing chart and return policy before making your purchase!


I always pay attention to the clothes I buy online and note which brands suit me, so when the perfect pair of blue shorts appeared on a site last week, it came as no surprise. After measuring my size with two different devices, I decided that this brand is worth adding to my list! You may find that you want more than just one color - perhaps even a completely different style that suits you perfectly.

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When you find clothing that fits great, make sure to write down the brand and size so you can buy from brands who have already worked for your body type in future shopping. If an online retailer doesn't work well with one particular measurement (maybe because their measuring tapes aren’t accurate), just move on—you won't want them anyway! With this little trick of keeping track while trying new things each time makes finding amazing outfits easy as pie-kneed.