One of the persistent mistakes in academic essay writing is drifting away from the question. You may have written a brilliant, carefully crafted essay and still get poor marks because it is not relevant to the question altogether.

When looking at essay examples by students you will notice that some students deserve higher grades for their essay writing but being marked down because they fail to show the connection between the essay and its question. No matter how good an essay is written if it is not relevant to the question it is not going to score high marks. 

You might be asking yourself who can help me write my essay free online? Well, it is quite normal to happen as we sometimes find ourselves in a situation where taking help is the only option we see can be beneficial. 

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However, there are some tricks that can help you perform well and avoid losing scores. 

  • Planning

One way to make your essay relevant to the question is to write a comprehensive plan before you start writing and stick to it afterward. 

  • Referring Back To The Question

A quite simple method to constantly remind yourself about the question is the use of a signpost sentence when you as an essay writer start each paragraph. It can help you to connect to the essay question and establish its relevance to the topic. 

  • Developing Your Argument

Some students make a good start but after a few lines, they wander away from the question while others completely take off their essay in the wrong direction altogether. 

One way to handle this to make a relationship between the essay parts with the help of attention-grabbing separators such as firstly, furthermore, secondly, and conversely. If you pay for essay a pro writer can help you develop your argument.

  • Conclusion

The perfectly written essays have one thing in common, a strong and impactful conclusion. You can achieve this by summarizing your essay argument by referring back to the topic or quoting a question directly to make it more clear. 

So, these tricks can help you constantly remind yourself of the essay question. Lastly, re-read it while you write as it is the best way to make sure the essay stays relevant to the question throughout. If you are still unsure then consider taking help from a professional paper writing service

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