India is said to be the origin of the Escort Girls Service. In the ancient era, Kings and their ministers used NAGARVADHU for their entertainment. The role of these ladies was to perform a dance in the king's assembly. In that era, Kings often called Escort girls for their guest's entertainment. In recent days these Nagarvadhu ladies are called escort girls. The role of these ladies also changed as per the requirements of their clients. Now, these escorts provide sex services along with performing many activities like dance, role-playing, and dinner dates.

If it is said that Indian girls have the deepest knowledge of sex then it would not be wrong to say. We all know that India is the origin of Kamasutra- A book about sex positions and foreplay. From the ancient era to nowadays, Indian women have passed their sex knowledge to their Descendants. So if you are a guy who wants deep knowledge of sex then hire Indian escorts. Indian escorts are professionals built up to perform as per their skills and talent that they achieve from their Ancestors. They are always eager to prove their skills in front of any age group of men. Escorts Service is one of the oldest businesses in India, no matter what is your moral stance. actually, the barter system is the oldest system of trade the same as the exchange of sensual pleasures for goods. It is actually as old as the human existence in the earth. To explore the history of escorts services in India, let us travel back in old-time around the fourth century BC. In those days in India, marriage was just performed more or less to do a business alliance between two families, so no love exists between the couple. This is the reason why prostitution was legal and socially accepted in India. In India, The escorts service was of two types, one who offers her sensual pleasure behind the doors and others are those (hetaera) who are not only the sex partner but are skilled entertainers who spell their guests with the dance, music, and poetry. The second type of escort services exists prominently in today's India in the form of elite escorts services that provide the intimate girlfriend experience with high sensual touch. these Indian escorts are meant to provide the luxury services that only a wealthy man could afford. Some of the ladies from ancient times to modern, made it for fortune or fame.

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