The tractor is a must-have machinery for modern farming necessities. Therefore, the Indian farming sector has many farming brands offering the best-in-class tractors for your crop needs. So, two of such famous models are given below. 

Popular Eicher And Digitrac Tractors In India

Eicher 5660 

Eicher is a renowned agricultural brand which provides the best tractors for your needs. However, this Eicher tractor model is suitable for necessary farming tasks. It has a brilliant engine which gives a fuel-efficient performance in every terrain. Moreover, the body design of the Eicher 5660 tractor is suitable for longer field operations. Thus, it provides access to a range of farming activities. Apart from these features, the Eicher 5660 price is according to the Indian farmers' budgets. Therefore, it is listed on Tractor Guru for Rs. 7.05 to 7.45 lakh in India. Also, this Eicher tractor has a 2000-hour or 2-year warranty, which is reasonable.

Digitrac PP 51I

Digitrac is a famous tractor brand which aims to make farming easier for Indian farmers. And the Digitrac PP51I is one of the best-selling tractor models from this brand. This Digitrac tractor has all the latest features to make farming more accessible. Along with this, it has a powerful 2000 kg hydraulic lifting capacity, which is ideal for medium to large-sized land. Also, the Digitrac PP 51I comes with a top-notch design which is attractive in terms of aesthetics. Moreover, this tractor is popular among Indian farmers due to its affordable price and warranty. The Digitrac PP 51I is available in India from Rs. 7.78 to 8.08 lakh. 


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