Farming is a time-consuming task that necessitates efficient labour and profitable farm machinery. And additionally, that can help contribute towards quality yield.

Farmers frequently struggle with deciding which agricultural tractor is best for their budget while planning their next harvest. 

Let's examine the top 2 most popular tractor  based on their outstanding durability, potent engines, and excellent field production.

Featuring: Swaraj and John Deere

Swaraj 717

One of the most popular tractor models from the Swaraj tractor brand, which is renowned for its dependability and general performance, comprises a transmission connected with a 9-speed gearbox with a combination of 6 forward and 3 backward gears. Farmers frequently utilise this 2WD type for agricultural purposes and other associated uses. It has a diesel engine with a total output of 15 HP. Priced between Rs. 3.20 lakhs and Rs. 3.30 lakhs, the Swaraj 717 has a single-cylinder engine.

John Deere 5105

John Deere 5105 is another brand among the top two tractors in India. This John Deere Tractor model is a 40 HP tractor with 8 forward transmissions and 4 reverse gearboxes, oil-immersed disc brakes, and strong 3 cylinders that produce 2100 engine-rated RPM. The starting price for this John Deere tractor type in India is between Rs. 6.05 and Rs. 6.25 Lac*. From tillage to post-harvest duties, this tractor serves a variety of farming operations. The John Deere 5105 tractor also has power steering for improved grip and safety.

Lastly, these are the top two tractor brands you should consider for your next farming purchase. For more information, visit Tractor Guru.