Your idea for RuneScape gold how to change Construction is very good, but I'd stop short of making it a whole new skill. I'm not convinced that is what would be ideal for the player base.

I do not really think the RuneScape player base would complain

Ah, so it's among those. Given the things that its up against it makes sense that there is so much more on top of the pile (I support the priority on these btw and I periodically need to remind myself of what rests on the top ).

I always thought a floor up redo of building (and stomaching potential negativity from some players) is the only viable path. Since you say player base, I'd contest that by stating the participant base desires the functional preservation of several things (gilded altar, costume room storage(s), workshop elements and pet storage). Other elements are a relic from a different decade and I also feel like upgrading everything else aesthetically is a significant chore. If what functions players want could safely be imported to a more modern MMO style"housing" concept.

My vision is having grand sized homes that have custom hotspots to place furniture on as opposed to the 8x8 grid chambers that we have grown comfortable with. I feel like its just better and less complicated to OSRS buy gold look from scratch compared to reworking the 33 room 8x8 code.