This seems like a question. With EVE Echoes ISK the beta and I played and I was overwhelmed. Never performed eve before. Every guide I found so much is really in depth that I dont know shit. Or is a 20 Minute Video with 3 Minutes of Information. Can someone link me a manual, road map or just some good stuff I can read. As it resembles Eve Echoes I would like to play really much. I've played eve on and off. What Samurai stated is spot on. However, there's something else that you should know about eve: regardless of how many guides you read, you won't understand half of everything there is to know.

There is a reason third party sites (such as dotlan) and third party programs (such as eft) exist. You become an expert in Eve Echoes by studying it. For example, you won't find out how to fit a specific frigate for many scenarios until you have lost drafted tons of matches and tons of these. For many, that is the attraction of eve, the ability to continuously get better at various components of Eve Echoes through information gathering. Why does this matter for you? Just see which you need to start little. Pick a boat, also google search good matches, on YouTube pvp videos using that boat or look. Attempt to get a deal on one thing at one time. And enjoy.

Is Eve Echoes only likely to have dominated by a core of hardcore gamers?

Players using emulators or play will have the ability to be on voice and discord comms. Thus they will be more organized than the huge bulk of the players. I mean, to be honest, I have conducted discord from the background on my phone while playing mobile games on it. It is hard to specify a line that is considered too hardcore. Can it happen? Undoubtedly. Are there people running emulators to earn their own fleet? I can guarantee it. But that happens in any sort of Buy EVE Mobile ISK sport on any platform.