If you dream of attaining the status of Chartered Engineer issued by Engineers Ireland, then knowing the competencies for this position is a must for you. That’s why we have written this blog to let you know the competencies. Competencies: 1. Your knowledge: You should use a combination of general and expert engineering knowledge and understanding to optimize the application of emerging and existing technology. Your knowledge includes, but is not limited to: • How you use the engineering theory you learnt by means of your qualification and apply it to your practical experience. • How you keep yourself aware and improve your knowledge of technological advances and innovations. • How you implement innovation and knowledge that you gained in problem-solving. • How you successfully pass this knowledge on to the benefit of your company and project. 2. Applying your knowledge: Use appropriate theoretical and practical ways to the analysis and solution of engineering issues. Applying your knowledge includes, but is not limited to: • How you use your engineering experience and knowledge to innovate and improve. • How you plan, analyze, cost, correct and modify. • How you actively take part in the consultation. • How you continually review situations and take the initiative for the enhancement of products and processes. 3. Demonstrating your leadership: To become a Chartered Engineer Ireland, you must be able to offer, commercial, technical and management leadership that includes, but is not limited to: • How you structure, prepare and agree with the development and improvement of a project. • How you project and manage resources, processes and technical and non-technical teams. • How you improve and develop the skills and capabilities of your staff. • How you apply, promote and improve quality standards and quality control. 4. How you communicate: Use influential communication and interpersonal skills. Your communication includes, but is not limited to: • How you maintain, develop and promote effective working relationships. • How you clarify, present, discuss and identify plans, proposals and common goals. • How you improve your spoken and written communication skills. • How you promote confidence, resolve conflicts and effectively negotiate with all project participants. 5. Professional standards: Make a personal commitment to follow the appropriate code of professional conduct, recognizing obligations to society, the professional and the environment. Your commitment to professional standards includes, but is not limited to: • How you place responsibility for the welfare, health and safety of the community at all times before the responsibility to the profession, to sectional interests, or to other engineers. • How you harmonize with the Code of Ethics of Engineers Ireland. • How you maintain adequate knowledge to implement appropriate safe systems of work. • How you take precautions when coping with hazards. • How you approach problems impacting on the environment. • How you set personal goals to attain personal and professional objectives. Here, we told you the necessary information related to the competencies to become a Chartered Engineer in Ireland.