The opening of the third season of Black Clover has been recently announced on social media. Studio Pierrot teased the show with a clip that was more than a half-minute long. The 12th series’ opening will go along with the Tomorrow X Tomorrow song that will play in episode 141 onwards. The new opening song choice has been very well received by the fans who are very excited for the upcoming season; it seems that the studio understands the fanbase and its taste really well. 

There is nothing new in K-pop artists being involved with an anime. They have been making opening and ending themes for a long time now, so there is nothing out of the ordinary that Black Clover’s opening song Everlasting Shine is created by Tomorrow X Together, a South Korean boy band. K-pop artists have been involved in making songs for anime since 2002. One of the earliest examples of this was Masayume Chasing by BoA, which was used for the ending of InuYasha. Ever since K-pop artists have been involved with anime, the trend has remained, and to this day, it is quite common for them to be involved in the production.

The anime focuses on a young orphan Asta who was raised along with Yuno after he was abandoned at the orphanage in Hage Village. Asta was always different from everyone else ever since he was little. It is quite common in the world of Black Clover to be born with the ability to gain Magical Powers by using Mana. But Asta is different as he works to achieve his magical powers through physical training, which is extraordinary. Yuno, on the other hand, has been extremely powerful even when he was little. He was able to master the control of wind magic, which was impressive at his age. 

Both of them wish to become the next Wizard King, a very respected figure who came only second to the king of Clover Kingdom. Asta and Yuno both overtime developed a friendly rivalry as they trained to become better. Asta ended up finding the five-leaf grimoire, which has scarce anti-magic and mysterious elf swords, which makes him immensely powerful. Yuno, on the other hand, gets a four-leaf grimoire, which is legendary since the first Wizard King once held it. They soon join the Magic Knight squad, which is a necessary step in achieving their goals. They are able to make a name for themselves in the Clover Kingdom as they embark on the journey to become the Wizard King one day.

The show is one of a kind, and if you are into anime that deals with the magical powers in the medieval world, then Black Clover is probably your type of anime.

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