Mentioned this many times now, however, Exploration. Tl;dr is it'd unlock areas similar to OSRS gold the way Slayer unlocks monsters. My recent pitch of it entails exploring new and existing dungeons to train it as well as raiding destroys, and it is a dungeon-crawling activity similar to Dungeoneering. Pretty much, Exploration could be exactly what Dungeoneering should have been. However, what if between these different dungeons and ruins had something such as... water, and also to cross this water and get to those trendy places we would need to construct a boat? Sounds pretty fun to me. We could even change the ability name just a bit from exploration to some thing such as sailing idk appears tricky.

Sailing has been part of the layouts also. I believe I was operating into my recent version of this but I needed to focus on the crux of the ability first. Sea exploration may always come and the problem is the fact that it might appear to like Dungeoneering, so its own reception may not be helped by making it a Dungeoneering/Sailing hybrid in the start. However, I believe one ability which concentrates around unlocking new areas and researching areas can solve a good deal of issues that those abilities had invidiually. What do you mean by"I had been working into my latest version of this"? It does seem that we want the concept even if identification prefer the skill to be a little more wet. Exploration would be amazing.

What I really dont know is the way warding or artisan can find any support other afterward gamers just needing a skill they'd take anything. I already dont like slayer since I despise being told what material I need to do, how do exactly the identical thing be fun except for skilling (artisan) and warding only seemed boring from the start but im heading off on a tangent. Would you think sailing has or had a poor reception? It obtained like 69-70 percent, if I recall when it was polled and that was having a butchered dev site. When it got time got I really think it might have gone. I also believed dungeoneering was obtained apart from the argument that was skill/minigame. It was a peice of cheap RuneScape gold content.