Are you planning or organizing a birthday party celebration anytime soon? Have you chosen the perfect venue for your event yet? While getting started with the birthday planning process may often seem too hectic, it can also be fun and exciting to plan a birthday party.

One of the foremost things for you to consider when you are throwing a best place for birthday celebration in bangalore is to choose the perfect venue for your event.  In this article, we have compiled the three best birthday celebration venues located in Bangalore for you to check out:

1.      Breakout Escape Rooms

Breakout is a popular escape room gaming location located in the heart of Bangalore. It is India's only escape room venue offering movie-styled escape room adventures!

Some of the exciting features of the venue are:

·         Breakout is famous for hosting immersive and unique birthday parties for kids, teens, and adults.

·         The venue offers a specially designed escape room dedicated only to kids!

·         You can take the help of an experienced party coordinator while hosting your birthday party at this birthday celebration in bangalore.

·         You can choose from several delicious food items at the facility for your event

·         The venue offers you a private space and VIP lounge area for you to enjoy your party

·         You can park your vehicles in the spacious parking area at the facility

·         Breakout also provides a professional emcee and a photographer to make your birthday celebration memorable!


2.      The Marzipan Café

Started by a young and talented Greek home cook, this can be a pleasant and cozy place to host your upcoming birthday.


·         It is a small and cozy café cum bakery that serves its customers authentic and ravishing Greek cuisine to devour, making it amongst the best birthday places to check out!

·         You can choose between the outdoor and the indoor seating arrangement available at this birthday celebration place.

·         Choose from the finest available collection of desserts, and do not forget to try out the cheesecakes served at this place.

·         Upon choosing to celebrate your birthday here, you can also get a special birthday cake from the side of the authorities!

·         You can hire third-party decorators to decorate the place as per your desire.

·         Even artists and entertainers can be hired from outside to enliven your party!

·         There are also a couple of in-house services offered here:

i.                    Excellent and resourceful library with a wide range of books

ii.                  Board games to play and many more!


3.      Gufha Restaurant inBangalore

Nearby landmark: Yediyur Lake Park (1.2 km)


·         This venue is based on the theme of the famous movie franchise Indiana Jones.

·         Even the servers are also found to dress up to blend themselves well with the overall environment of the place – thereby making it an excellent place for a birthday party!

·         Birthday celebrations at this restaurant can be delightful as the facility offers quite a few special facilities for the occasion, like,

i.                    A special birthday cake

ii.                  Birthday songs and music can be played in the background

iii.                Personalized birthday decorations

iv.                 Candlelight amiable ambiance


These are some of the top-notch birthday party venues in Bangalore. So, go ahead and find out which of these suits your tastes!