There are great benefits of buying handmade Jewelry. An artisan’s personal touch gives the handmade jewelry a different look. As compared to machine-made jewelry the handmade are authentic, meaningful and genuine.

Handmade jewelry are made with precision, love, and care.

So next time you need a unique piece for yourself or to gift someone you love and care, turn to handmade jewelry.


The advantages of buying handmade Jewelry 

There are many advantages to buy handmade jewelry, The following are the advantages of buying handmade jewelry-

1. It is environment friendly

2.  The products are unique

3.  Handmade jewelry is strong and hardy

4.  Handmade jewelry is trendy and stylish

5.  Each product has a story behind

6.  Buying handmade jewelry follows the tradition of our culture

7.  It has a sentimental value

8.  It takes lots of hard work of the team of skilled artisans

  • It is environment friendly 

Most of the materials of handmade jewelry are environmentally safe. It does not require any factory to be produced. 

  • The products are unique
    As each piece of the jewelry artwork is designed from a different aspect, it is always designed to be unique. The expertise in aesthetics makes the workers create pieces of nice ideas.

  • Handmade jewelry is strong and hardy
    The material of handmade jewelry is strong and hardy. So it is durable for a long span of time. It is advisable to buy handmade jewelry as storing it in a safer place could make it last long.

  • Handmade jewelry is trendy and stylish
    To match up with the current trend and style you should buy handmade to step forward further in the recent world.

  • Each product has a story behind
    The artisans make sure that they create each product nurturing a storyline behind making. So, the pieces of jewelry become one-of-a-kind.

  • Buying handmade jewelry follows the tradition of our culture
    The richness of our culture and tradition reflects on the handmade jewelry. By buying these we are keeping our old tradition alive.

  • It has a sentimental value
    Being crafted with personal touch each of the handmade pieces has a sentimental value. It is very special to the giver and receiver. Also it shows the care of the person who gave it.

  • It takes lots of hard work of the team of skilled artisans
    As it takes a lot of hard work and team work of the skilled artisans, buying handmade items gives you satisfaction.

Why to choose us?
We at Wardrobe, believe in jewelry which stand out from others. Being a handmade jewelry manufacturer in Kolkata, we focus on

presenting you a wide range of piece of art.


Our collection is of:

o Jute Jewelry

o Fabric Jewelry

o Terracotta Jewelry

o Dokra Jewelry

1.   Jute Jewelry

The Jewelries that are made from Jute are very light and harmless to nature. We assure you that it will never make you feel any skin problem.


2.   Fabric Jewelry
Being a Fabric jewelry manufacturer, we ensure that our Fabric Jewelries should go with any occasion. This durga puja many of you have shown interest in buying from us especially from our festive collection.


3.  Terracotta Jewelry

Terracotta necklace set and earrings would surprise you with the latest designs. This puja, be fashion ready with our exclusive collection of various terracotta designs. Buy for yourself, your friends and family, and also your near and dear ones. 


4.   Dokra Jewelry
Have a look at our collection of Dokra sets. They are the best match of your sarees and eastern wear.


Come, watch, order, and be satisfied


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