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NCLEX-RN Test Questions: National Council Licensure Examination(NCLEX-RN) - NCLEX-RN Training Online & NCLEX-RN Original Questions

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A 24-year-old graduate student recognizes that he has a phobia. He suffers severe anxiety when he is in darkness. It has altered his lifestyle because he is unable to go to a movie theater, concert, and other events that may require absence of light. The client is seeking assistance because he is no longer able to socialize with friends due to his phobia. The psychologist working with him is using desensitization. He has asked the nursing staff to assist the client in muscle relaxation techniques. What result would indicate client education has been successful?

  • A. He takes a part-time job as a photographic assistant. His job necessitates his working in a darkroom.
  • B. He enters a movie theater, sits in his chair, and replaces anxiety with relaxation as the theater darkens.
  • C. He enters a concert, but as the lights dim, he does not experience anxiety.
  • D. He states that he no longer fears dark places.

Answer: B

(A) This situation provides specific evidence that the client is able to integrate muscle relaxation technique into his lifestyle to alleviate anxiety. (B) The client may not experience anxiety at the concert, but there is no evidence regarding the technique that he used to alleviate anxiety. (C) The client may state he no longer experiences anxiety, but there is no evidence demonstrating this. He may be denying anxiety to discontinue therapy prematurely. (D) Does he experience anxiety in the darkroom? He may have taken this job to force himself to deal with the phobia directly.


A client is having episodes of hyperventilation related to her surgery that is scheduled tomorrow. Appropriate nursing actions to help control hyperventilating include:

  • A. Using distraction to help control the client's hyperventilation episodes
  • B. Administering diazepam (Valium) 10-15 mg po q4h and q1h prn for hyperventilating episode
  • C. Keeping the temperature in the client's room at a high level to reduce respiratory stimulation
  • D. Having the client hold her breath or breathe into a paper bag when hyperventilation episodes occur

Answer: D

(A) An adult diazepam dosage for treatment of anxiety is 2-10 mg PO 2-4 times daily. The
order as written would place a client at risk for overdose. (B) A high room temperature could increase hyperventilating episodes by stimulating the respiratory system. (C) Breath holding and breathing into a paper bag may be useful in controlling hyperventilation. Both measures increase CO2 retention. (D) Distraction will not prevent or control hyperventilation caused by anxiety or fear.


A 48-year-old client is being seen in her physician's office for complaints of indigestion, heartburn, right upper quadrant pain, and nausea of 4 days' duration, especially after meals. The nurse realizes that these symptoms may be associated with cholecystitis and therefore would check for which specific sign during the abdominal assessment?

  • A. Murphy's sign
  • B. Turner's sign
  • C. Rebound tenderness
  • D. Cullen's sign

Answer: A

(A) This sign is a faint blue discoloration around the umbilicus found in clients who have hemorrhagic pancreatitis. (B) This sign indicates areas of inflammation within the peritoneum, such as with appendicitis. It is a deep palpation technique used on a nontender area of the abdomen, and when the palpating hand is removed suddenly, the client experiences a sharp, stabbing pain at an area of peritoneal inflammation. (C) This sign is considered positive with acute cholecystitis when the client is unable to take a deep breath while the right upper quadrant is being deeply palpated. The client will elicit a sudden, sharp gasp, which means the gallbladder is acutely inflamed. (D) This is a sign of acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis and manifests as a green or purple discoloration in the flanks.


A 24-hours' postpartum client complains of discomfort at the episiotomy site. On assessment, the nurse notes the episiotomy is without signs of infection. To relieve the discomfort, the nurse should first:

  • A. Apply an ice pack
  • B. Teach her Kegel exercises
  • C. Administer the prescribed medication for pain
  • D. Assist her with a sitz bath

Answer: D

(A) Warm, moist heat will promote circulation and provide comfort. A sitz bath should be tried before medication is given. (B) Pain medication can be given when other comfort measures such as a sitz bath and topical applications are ineffective. (C) Kegel exercises facilitate sitting by decreasing tension on the episiotomy. They will not be effective for pain control or sustained comfort level. (D) Ice packs are appropriate to apply in the first 12 hours postdelivery to produce vasoconstriction and to reduce edema to the area.