If used correctly, fist weapons have the potential to become enormous assets in Elden Ring, and these are the very best of the bunch.


Players are given access to a vast arsenal of weapons in Elden Ring to help them seize control of their own destinies. Elden Ring gives players the ability to fine-tune their builds to correspond with their preferred play styles by providing a variety of weapon classes and damage types. Look no further than the fist weapon class if you are the type of player who enjoys putting on a bulky set of armor and punching their way through encounters with both normal enemies and bosses.

Although fist weapons do not have the same range as other weapons, when equipped with the appropriate stats, they are capable of delivering a devastating blow. These weapons not only provide speedy combos, but they also allow the Tarnished to fire off a few shots before most of their opponents have finished swinging their weapon. If the player has the right equipment and configuration, they will be able to plow through The Lands Between like a bulldozer, with enemies falling left and right at their fingertips.


The Caestus is a weapon that can be purchased from Gatekeeper Gostoc. The Caestus scales with both a player's strength and their dexterity. The Endure ash of war is an attachment that comes with the Caestus and is an excellent way to tank additional hits while simultaneously dishing out punches.

The Caestus serves as a good introduction to fist weapons, but later in the game, players will find weapons that are significantly more powerful than the Caestus. This weapon has the ability to be infused with other ashes of war for the purpose of creating unique builds; however, it is likely that the Tarnished will eventually want to replace the Caestus.


The Impaling Thrust ash of war is included with the Katar when it is looted from the treasure chest in Fort Gael, where it can be found. The blade of the weapon is relatively short and wide, and it has a relatively short handle. It can deal both slashing and penetrating damage to its targets. The Katar scales can be infused with other ashes of war, and they increase in both strength and dexterity as they progress.

This weapon is a decent upgrade from the Caestus; however, when compared to other weapons found later in the journey, it lacks the scaling of those other weapons. However, just based on appearances alone, the Katar is a winner and makes a fantastic addition to any wardrobe in Elden Ring.

Balls of Iron

Big Boggart, a Blackguard, uses his strength and dexterity to scale the wall and knock the Iron Ball to the ground. In the category of fist weapons, this particular weapon is about as straightforward as it gets. It's nothing more than a solid ball of iron that's been attached to the Tarnished's fist and is ready to punch holes through the undead.

The player is able to stay in range for more blunt force pummeling when using this weapon, which is great when combined with the Endure weapon skill. The Braggart's Roar ash of war is required for the spawning of the Iron Ball. This ash of war not only modifies the weapon's strong attacks but also increases its damage, defense, and stamina recovery.

Spiked Caestus This weapon is essentially the Caestus, but it has spikes that cause enemies to bleed to death if they are unfortunate enough to come into contact with the player.

A decent weapon can be made into a good weapon with bleed, and a good weapon can be made into a great weapon with bleed. Players can gain access to bleed in fist form by purchasing the Spiked Caestus from the isolated merchant in Dragonbarrow.

Along with Endure, which is included with the Caestus as standard, the Spiked Caestus also has an initial blood loss build of 45. Although it is not the best option for bleeding in the fist weapon class, this weapon still has the ability to punish enemies in a violent manner if they get too close.

Star Fist

The Star Fist was discovered in Leyndell on a body near the West Capital Rampart site of grace. It is certain to send chills down the spine of any adversary it comes into contact with. A significant amount of physical damage is dealt by the Star Fist, and it also causes a buildup of blood loss.

The Tarnished can create a powerful combination with this weapon and Hoarah Loux's Earthquake ash of war by pairing them together. Earthquake is a fantastic ability for close quarters combat, and equipping two Star Fists can deal slightly more damage than using a single weapon with two hands.

Prosthesis for Military Veterans

After defeating Commander Niall at Castle Sol, players are eligible to receive the Veteran's Prosthesis as a reward. Fist weapon purists will have to make do with something else until they can get their hands on this exquisite item because they won't be able to acquire it until late in the game at the Mountaintops of the Giants.

The incredible Storm Kick ash of war that comes equipped on Veteran's Prosthesis enables fantastic synergy with lightning build types, and this is made possible by the fact that the prosthesis is equipped with it. The weapon is a lot of fun to use, but it can only be obtained by using the Storm Kick ash of war. Because of this, players may want to keep something else handy in case they encounter lightning-resistant foes.

Pata, the Cipher

The Cipher Pata is a very intriguing fist weapon due to the fact that its power increases based solely on the user's Faith and that it requires 30 Faith to effectively wield. This weapon is top-notch when it comes to faith builds in their purest form. In Roundtable Hold, in the same area where the Tarnished fight Mad Tongue Alberich, you can pick up Cipher Pata.

The Unblockable Blade ash of war that was used to imbue Cipher Pata gives it the ability to charge up with light and then launch a piercing thrust that cannot be stopped. Since it only costs 17 FP to use, players who have a sufficient amount of points in their mind stat are able to unleash Unblockable Blade multiple times.

Clinging Bone

The Clinging Bone is a fun, fleshless climb that requires primarily dexterity and just a little bit of arcane to complete. After the Royal Remains have successfully attacked the player at Roundtable Hold, Ensha of the Royal Remains will drop this fist weapon. The Clinging Bone passive ability is bound to the Lifesteal Fist ash of war, which renders foes unconscious before draining their health.

Since the Lifesteal Fist ability is only useful against enemies of human build, it is highly unlikely that it will be of any use against the enormous monsters that Elden Ring likes to throw at the player. Nevertheless, Clinging Bone is a lifesaver in dangerous situations, especially when exploring deep caves and catacombs.

Dragon that was Grafted

There is nothing quite like shooting fireballs out of a dragon head, and there is nothing quite like shooting fireballs out of a dragon head that is attached to the end of the arm like Mega Man's Mega Buster. After the Tarnished have vanquished old Godrick and turned in his remembrance at Roundtable Hold, they will be able to acquire the Grafted Dragon. This weapon's effectiveness depends on the user's physical prowess, dexterity, and faith.


One of the most enjoyable aspects of the Elden Ring experience is the opportunity to utilize the Grafted Dragon while traveling through The Lands Between


- It is an excellent tool for destroying enemy hordes and wreaking havoc on anything vulnerable to the effects of fire damage

- Players who want to play as dragons to their full potential should equip a Dragon Communion Seal so they can turn up the pressure