Marquise diamonds in Columbus were considered the most popular style of ring in the 1980s and are quickly making a comeback. If you’re the type of bride that loves modern and fresh designs with a vintage twist then this ring is the ideal choice for you.


While these rings may have an antique-inspired look, many jewelry designers often put their twist on them along with gorgeous gemstones, metals, and intricate detailing making them look and feel incredibly unique.


Reasons we love marquise diamonds

One of the main reasons why a lot of brides tend to love marquise engagement rings in Columbus is that being highly versatile it pairs well with a range of cuts, settings, gemstones, and metals.


You can either opt for a classic band to showcase your center stone or pair it with a double band or a pave band for added shine and brilliance. Marquise diamonds can be placed horizontally or vertically to perfectly match your style and personality preferences.


Most brides tend to opt for diamonds when it comes to marquise wedding rings in Columbus. However, keep in mind that you need to work with a professional and trained jeweler that has custom-designed these types of rings so that you can get a piece you adore.


Owing to the unique shape of the ring, most brides choose to opt for a six-prong, bezel, or a halo setting that keeps the gemstone safe while adding more shine and shimmer.


Some brides even choose to add smaller sapphire or ruby side stones to their marquise diamond rings for a pop of color.


It’s important to always choose diamonds that are highly graded, have good clarity, and have next to no small flaws and imperfections as it can lower the value of your gemstone. If diamonds aren’t for you, you can even choose colored gemstones that meet your needs.


Final Thoughts

Caring for your marquise ring is important and you need to take it to a professional jeweler from time to time to clean, repair and maintain it so that it looks new and shiny for years to come.


Marquise rings are timeless and will hold their style and beauty for years making them easy to pass down as heirloom pieces to future generations. With these rings, it’s advised to always keep the band simple so that the beauty of the center stone can shine through.