Do you want to create another identity and enjoy the freedom from using public transport? Then what you aim for is to have your driving license. But before that, one must get trained by a professional driving school, where you will adequately prepare. Professional driving training school always takes proper care of each student because they know every student is different.

Professional driving schools arm their students with lots of tips which in real life help a lot. Not only the knowledge of the current of traffic rules or regulations, but the minor tips also help you to drive safely on the road, which should be the primary objective of any driver.
In Australia, the traffic rules are relatively rigid, and it is for the people's benefit. So, if anyone is properly armed with driving tips, it benefits the driver in many
aspects and that is mandatory for every driving lessons Newcastle NSW service provider.  
So, before going to the road here are 10 tips for any novice trainee-

1) Wear your seat belt: This is the first and foremost thing one should always do before getting your wheels on the road. This is the first step toward safety. And sure your co-passengers also wear theirs, cause in fatal accidents people are found not wearing their seat belts which might have saved their lives.

2) Obey all the traffic rules: there is a legit reason that the driving exam includes both a road test and a written one. A driver should know all the traffic rules and must follow them. And learn all the traffic signs which help to reduce the accidents on the road.

3) Get comfortable with your seating position: The right seating position is a very crucial thing for any driver. Please adjust your seat according to your height, and make sure your feet are getting properly to the accelerator, break, and clutch otherwise mishaps are just on the next turn.

4) Hold the steering wheel properly:  It is very important to hold your steering wheel correctly to have the best control of the steering and, in turn, the car. Otherwise, after some time your wrist may hurt. Though there is no correct way shown to hold the steering you must understand your posture which is apt for you.

5) Try to go by one lane: No matter where you drive, a good driver always tries to drive by a single lane. It not only helps you but also helps the other drivers who are behind you. While changing lane never do it hastily and always use side indicators while bifurcating the lanes.

6) Avoid over speeding & drive in speed limitations: This is the most common
temptation which the new drivers could not overcome which causes most of the accidents on roads. Always keep your cool and follow the speed limit given by the roadside. We often lose our cool when someone overtakes us but never fall in such trap, this may lead you to a fatal accident.

7) Maintain a safe distance from other vehicles: You should always maintain a considerable distance from the other vehicle that is moving in front of you. You might be a very safe driver and follow all the rules and regulations but that doesn't mean that the others are too maintaining. The best way to drive safely is to be a defensive driver rather than a haughty driver.

8) Avoid using the horn unnecessarily: Horns are to alert the other drivers around you, not a way out to express your frustration. Excessive usage of horns can irritate fellow drivers and can sometimes lead to road rage. And using horns unnecessarily is a punishable offense. And don’t use horns around hospitals and old age homes.

9) Avoid distractions while driving: Keep your eyes on the road which means no texting, no calling, no eating, no channel surfing on the radio, and no turning around to chat with friends in the backseat, because any mishap can happen within a flicker of an eye but if you are attentive then you have better chance to avoid accidents.

10) Don’t drive under any influence: Value your life and others too. Don’t drive under any kind of influence of alcohol, drugs, or lack of sleep. A logical mind can have the vision of severe consequences.