Ever since augmented reality started evolving it has been continuously transforming every industry vertical. And when IKEA-world's leading furniture-selling company, introduced its AR mobile app for its customers, it created a sensation across the entire eCommerce business. 

Today, many eCommerce businesses are developing AR-based mobile apps to provide a new-age online shopping experience to their customers and enhance revenue. Considering the growing implementation of augmented reality in eCommerce, it is worth knowing the impact of augmented reality on eCommerce app development. So let's discuss this topic. 

What Is Augmented Reality?

While most people assume augmented reality as games like Pokemon Go and Snapchat. But in the true sense, augmented reality is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated or virtual image on a user's selected view of the real world. It primarily allows users to add virtual graphics in the real-world environment and give an augmented reality experience within the app. 

Augmented reality or AR is used in mobile apps to enable the simulation of augmented experiences. Therefore, AR is used by an eCommerce app development company to build AR-based online shopping features in mobile apps. With AR apps, users can visualize the required scene or graphical environment. 

What Will Be The Impact Of Augmented Reality On Ecommerce App Development?

Augmented reality is an innovative technology. When it is used with an application, it gives many advantages to businesses. Especially in eCommerce, AR empowers eCommerce businesses to provide customers with enhanced online shopping experiences. 

IKEA, Sephora, Nike, and many other top branded eCommerce companies have achieved drastic improvements in their sales figures and revenue. And consequently, the integration of AR in eCommerce app development is increasing substantially. So let's take a look at in what ways augmented reality will impact eCommerce mobile app development in the near future. 

1. A Whole New Online Shopping Experience

The current eCommerce businesses lack the ability to provide better online shopping facilities. Shoppers have to depend on the traditional system to explore products and make buying decisions. Due to this, eCommerce businesses have to suffer a high number of product returns. 

But with AR-based mobile apps, both business owners and customers get huge benefits. AR allows customers to visualize their products in a real-world environment and help them in making better buying decision. And eCommerce stores also provide enhanced product search and real-time try-on experiences. 

2. Increase Sales

eCommerce sales highly depend on customer experience. If customers feel engaged and valued, they will feel motivated to continue searching for more products and utilities and make a buying decision. Shopify has reported that after launching their AR feature to e-commerce retailers, they have witnessed 94% improvement in conversion rate. 

Many eCommerce companies have also indicated similar outcomes by integrating AR into their existing application. So seeing the growing impact of AR in improving eCommerce sales, the usage of AR in eCommerce app development is projected to grow significantly. 

3. Decrease Product Return Rates

Product return is one of the topmost concerns for eCommerce that adversely affects their revenue. One of the main reasons behind product returns is that consumers often fail to choose befitting products properly. AR here helps eCommerce businesses by providing 3D product visualization and allowing users to try on or customize their products as per their specific requirements for making the right purchase. 


Consequently, it helps in reducing product return rates. Therefore, companies will be more likely to use AR in their eCommerce mobile apps and other platforms to help customers in making the right purchase and decrease return rates. 


4. Attract New Customers

AR is a trending technology that is disrupting many industry verticals, not just eCommerce. Its ability to provide an augmented real-world experience within an application makes it a highly useful technology for eCommerce businesses. At present, consumers mostly prefer using mobile apps for online purchases or shopping. 

Mobile apps give much freedom, convenience, and time efficiency. And with AR, mobile apps become more powerful and provide an enhanced online shopping experience. This helps the online stores attract new users by offering them a new way of product search and viewing experience.


So what is the fact?


AR is the future of eCommerce. It empowers mobile apps with innovative viewing experiences which helps in transforming eCommerce businesses. Today, when eCommerce is shifting to mobile commerce, the need for customer-friendly apps is growing. And augmented reality fits best when it comes to building user-engaging and futuristic mobile apps for eCommerce. 


The integration of AR in eCommerce app development is expanding dramatically and consequently, it is set to impact the future of eCommerce. As a business owner, you shouldn't stay behind in embracing AR with your eCommerce business. 

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