Del does this weird thing to tease me. It is something he learned in grade school and continues to this day with anyone that will fall for it. For some reason it is called "maypo". It consists of him trying to get me to Look There at a circle that his fingers are making and if I look I "lose".


It's silly; it means nothing, except I Look There almost every time! Why, because he asks me to or intends me to.


I realized that the worldview does the same thing to me. It plays a silly, meaningless game called "look at this". What it wants me to look at always involves lack of some kind, like time, patience, or money. Or it asks me to pay attention to, and focus on, something that isn't working, which actually is still a lack of some kind.


It is silly, means nothing and yet I look almost every time. Why, because it asks me to or intends me to.


Now, it may be excusable that I Look There when Del invites me to. After all, I trust him and know that he always loves and cares for me. Actually he is simply trying to make me more aware of what I am looking at!


What is not excusable is that I Look There , without awareness, at what the worldview is saying to me. After all, why would I trust something that I know does not love and care for me? It is habit only. I could attempt to break the habit. Or perhaps there is something else I could do.


When the worldview asks us to look at something it is actually asking us to look into the dark. Have you ever sat in the dark and felt fear because of strange noises or shapes you heard or saw? What we feel when we sit in the dark are our own fears and beliefs projecting back to us.


This is the same fear that we feel when we look at the worldview of what is not working and not available to us. What we feel when we Look There into the darkness of the worldview are our own fears and beliefs projecting back to us.


When Del works in the woods he leaves our house while it is still dark and often arrives in the forest before the sun comes up. In the past he would either have to wait until it was light enough to see, or do some of the work in the dark, which obviously limited what he could do. For him, however the darkness is never scary. He knows that what appears to be strange noises and strange shapes are the familiar shapes and sounds that he loves, just misperceived.


Have you ever seen those really cool spotlights that attach to your head? We purchased one for a gift for someone and since it was so cool, Del got one for himself too. For a few months after he purchased it he forgot all about it and it sat in his closet. One day he thought about wearing it into the woods. When he came home that afternoon he said, "It was wonderful. Wherever I looked there was light."


I started thinking about the many tools we have for seeing what is already present for us that we leave in our closets. If we used any one of our tools, it too would shine light on everything, and we would be able to say the same thing that Del did, "Wherever I Look There there is light."


In the light produced by a perception shift, we can clearly see that what were strange noises and strange shapes are familiar objects and sounds, simply misperceived. What was scary dissolves into the nothingness that it always was. We see the world and its abundance as always present, just as the abundance of the forest is always present.



We don't need to create something to fill our needs. The lack that we pay attention to, and the fear we feel, is a misperception of what is already present. What we need to do is shine our light, and the darkness will disappear, revealing what is the truth of any situation, which is always a practical fulfillment of a current need.


Remember where Del looked it was light. Where he didn't look, it was still dark. Doesn't this help explain why problems get better when we shine our light upon them, but where we are not shining our light there still appears to be the darkness of lack, fear, and doubt?

If we all took our perception shifting tools out of the closet, and used them, there would be so much light everywhere the darkness of lack, fear, and doubt would vanish for everyone, revealing the truth that what we need now, is present now.