So, everyone seems to be talking about the power of a Vision charcuterie board and you've finally decided to find out what all the hypes about! I have been creating and using vision boards for over 15 years and I find that a Vision Board is one of the best tools to use to support you in your quest to achieve your goals and manifest what you desire in your life.



What is a vision board? Basically, it's a collage like project that you fill with images, words and statements that reflect the kind of energy, growth and development you want in your life.


Everyone uses visioning in their daily lives. When you use a vision board you're simply creating something tangible that reinforces the positive thoughts and advancing ideas in your mind and inviting more of that energy in your environment.


Many people want to know if a Vision charcuterie board actually works. In my experience I would have to say yes they do. The reason why a vision board can work is because the board is a reflection of the thoughts we hold around something we desire to come into fruition in our lives. The board becomes a visual reminder resonating the energy of what we desire.


Using a vision charcuterie board can help you to clarify, focus on and achieve your goals.


If you're ready to create your first vision board or you feel you need to tweak the one you have, here are some tips to help guide your way:


1. Brainstorm - Get a bunch of old magazines and photos of yourself, family and friends that you may want to use on your board (all of this depends upon what you identified for the areas you want to


include on your charcuterie board). Go through the magazines and tear or cut out all the images and words that 'speak' to you. These images and words should fit the categories you've decided to focus on and should be in line with your goals and dreams. Gather a large pile so you have a lot to pick from once you start finalizing your selections.


2. Organize - Start to arrange the images and words on the board in a way that feels good to you. Play around with things, moving them around until the layout feels right. Have fun creating the energy that will reflect the vision for your life.


Depending on the kind of board you're creating you might organize the board by categories. For example, you might design the placement of your categories like this: