A birth certificate is an important personal document that one will require if they are planning to immigrate to foreign countries. It is an essential personal document that you will need for completing the immigration process and also for various purposes abroad. Since the document is issued in your home country, you are required to legalize the document from various government departments and from the embassy of the country you are intending to travel. This process of legalization is known as certificate attestation.

UAE is one of the Middle-East countries that have strict guidelines for the immigrants coming to the country for employment, educational, residential, and business purposes. The UAE officials allow permission only to the immigrants who have proper documentation with them. Personal documents like birth certificates should be attested from the document issuing country before it can be used in the UAE for the further immigration process.

Birth certificate attestation is needed if you are applying for a residence visa in UAE, or for applying for a family visa. It is required for getting admission in UAE schools and universities. Birth certificate attestation is also mandatory for getting certain social security benefits and government process in UAE.

If you are a person who is migrating to the UAE from the state of Kerala, you need to follow the below-given process to attest birth certificate. They are:

Notary attestation: All personal documents like birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc. are attested from the notary first and then it was legalized by the Home department of Kerala.

MEA attestation: The Ministry of External Affairs [MEA] attestation is important for legalizing the documents.

UAE embassy attestation: After the MEA attestation, the document is attested from the UAE embassy in India.

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