The metaverse is growing and so are the utilities that can be found in it. It has been predicted by many analysts and experts that in some few years to come, many people are going to integrate the metaverse into their daily lives. There are so many things that can be done in the metaverse. These include playing games, augmenting the digital world to what you want it to like, attending concerts and parties, using it for education, and one fascinating utility, making NFT purchases. NFTs have gained decent traction in the space ever since its monetization began, and with the metaverse, the acquisition of NFTs has become more convenient.

How to Get NFTs in The Metaverse

The different metaverse projects available have different core functions. However, joining any of these exposes you to the chance of creating, purchasing or owning an NFT which can come in several ways. There are metaverse projects in gaming, others in education, land ownership, sports and fitness and many more.

In the gaming domain, NFTs are usually presented as in-game items. These in-game items offer several utilities to owners. They are transferable, and can be exchanged by users for cash or even other assets. In the Metaverse, you can create avatars, design clothes and wearables which can all be presented as NFTs. These can be done on Decentraland and in the Sandbox metaverse.

For those interested in event management, NFTs can be designed as event tickets to boost attendance. These NFTs are minted by event managers and then sold as tickets for concerts and events- music, conference, seminars.

Apart from gaming, creating avatars or in-game items or minting as event tickets, NFTs can be created in the Metaverse to sell items in real life. On metaverses like Rarible and Mintbase, creators are able to link their content with NFTs.  These could be music, videos or any file. Users will therefore be able access the file by purchasing the NFTs which represent originality and true ownership of the content.

NFTs can also be earned through staking in the metaverse. This is an interesting addition to the metaverse as users get the best and most convenient ways of participating in the NFT economy. Step App is a very popular platform that is giving users this chance. By staking FITFI, users have the chance to enjoy several perks and that include participation in NFT drops to earn SNEAKs, skins, and Avatar badges or tags


The metaverse has developed tremendously and has given its enthusiasts a plethora of ways to enjoy its associated perks. One of these is the ability to get NFTs. With several metaverse platforms available, NFTs can be obtained as in-game items, by creating avatars, as event tickets and by staking as introduced by Step App through its perpetual staking feature. The metaverse has great potentials and will transform the digital world in the future.