Light emitting diode(LED) neon signage is electric signs that contain neon or other gases. They are used commonly for usage in the signage world nowadays. LED neon signs are lightweight when compared to other signage lights. It lasts longer and saves a good amount of money. LED neon lights are adaptable to various uses. LED signs are effective in catching the attention of customers. Many businesses use LED neon Signboards to make their business stand out to the customers. The signage world is using more and more LED signs for attractive features.

How are LED neon signs revolutionizing the signage world?

  • LED neon signs are lightweight

The LED signs are lightweight and are a boon to the users. They come in different sizes and can be placed in little spaces. The traditional signs depend on heavy electricity usage with fluorescent and neon tubes, and on the other hand, the LED neon signs use lightweight LED panels. This lightweight feature of LED signs makes it possible to place large commercial LED neon signs where traditional signs cannot be put because of the risk of damage to the characters. Acrylic sign Singapore provides LED neon signs to its customers.

  • LED neon signs last longer

LED neon signs have a long life. The average lifespan of a LED neon sign is 25,000 hours. This feature of LED neon signs means that the signs need fewer bulb replacements. LED neon lights also use less electricity when compared to traditional signs available in the market. You can use the expertise of a Sign maker in Singapore for LED neon signs.

  • LED neon sign saves money

Traditional signs use incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. These bulbs have a much lesser life when compared to LED neon light signs. It means that they need to be purchased from time to time. It results in costing the business a good amount of money. LED neon Signboard has a longer life, and they consume much less electricity than traditional signs. They save a good amount of money.

  • LED neon lights are adaptable

Traditional sign users are stuck with the verbiage of the sign and layout. This is not the case with LED signs. Any change in traditional signs means the business must reconfigure the entire signboard. LED signs are adaptable in this case. You can change any part of the sign with little or no cost. 3D Signage is also being used these days widely.


LED neon lights are revolutionizing signage because they are lightweight, affordable, long-lasting, and adaptable to various usage conditions. They are better than traditional signs in any comparison and are used widely nowadays. They are attractive and add more value to the business. These signs can make you standout from your competitors.